HELP-Understanding some NEW NTLite functionalities



Can anyone help me to understand properly some new NTLite functionality that recently been added in the last/latest version of NTLite,

1. What is the difference between Collapsed & Collapsed (Locked) & what does the Locked exactly do or mean here?1.png

2. Same question for the 'Disabled (locked)' option for another function 'Pinning to Taskbar'

And a suggestion for nuhi,
rather than only highlighting & mentioning the key changes in a short release note, it would be better if you start a mini-blogging here with each new release of the NTLite highlighting all the main changelog there and then followed by a brief explanation of those (like google chrome release blog for example) as I think that'd be really very helpful for all of the users here. Hope you'd consider this.


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1. Locked will use a policy which blocks a user/admin from changing it from the Settings, needs to use registry or GPO to change the policy
2. Good question for pinning to taskbar option, since there is no UI option that I know of to disable that. Will see if just one option is enough there.

Yes, it would be nice to write a blog on each bigger change, I also have some short guides I would like to write.
There is something draining in writing concise and proper information, even emails.


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Even short guides take time, layout, screen grabs(you have to run stuff to get the grabs). Smelling(sic) checks, double checks, triple checks to make sure everythings ok and The short guide i did for the Updates Download feature must have taken 1 to 2 hours at least. Ive got a lot more free time than nuhi has.
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