Installing Windows 7 on a Kingston A2000 nvme


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Hi, I just want to start by saying, I really love and want to install windows 7.
I want to install it on a Kingston A2000 (in device manager SA2000M).
The thing is that they don't have native NVMe support (it comes with an update later) and I just wanted to ask if it's possible to install on there...
Of course I will be using NTlite for the iso...
Everything else should be good... I can integrate internet drivers and usb drivers i just have problems with the nvme driver :/
And one more thing, I don't use a usb stick to install windows, I create a partition and extract the files there and load it through bios + i use unattended so please tell me if I can't do that for 7. (or if I should make the partition on my storage hdd or on the usb).
i am grateful for any advice


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Check this thread to integrate all updates to win7 iso or live system:

You can integrate drivers to boot.wim (when i integrate to install.wim i got blue screen errors) hope they work.... idk.
for usb:
for nvme: use google search for each brand
for all check for ideas: RARPASS: Integrate2020

I've been editing windows for some time now maybe more than 8 years... I would recommend to use latest windows with up to date updates... And not to remove too many components but just disable them if not needed... And if you want to reduce file size. Just use compact os always setting... Win10 would give u more performance than win7 OR 8.1


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Thank you so much for all theese links!
The thing is the nvme driver is still missing according to ntlite...
I just can't find the driver for it and I searched everywhere :/
It should be possible tho there is some yt vid but he doesn't explain anything and just skips to the end also there is something on win raid about it
I don't have issues striping the image, integrating the updates, usb drivers, and etc, it's just the driver.... (The model is Kingston A2000)
But again thanks for the amazing script and links!! I will use them some day...
I was thinking of replacing it for like a samsung nvme but idk I would just like to make it work


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I feel you. I hate Windows 10

I have a Samsung NVMe drive, and they provide their own drivers, so I didn't need this. However, there are hotfixes available that Microsoft has already removed the link(s) to. I downloaded KB2990941-v3 from them when they still had it on their site but there are copied of it floating around anyway.

A guide on WinRAID, where he also links to another post with the hotfix download links:


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So I want to probably install the 2018 version and I integrate these updates (screenshot) so if I just add this one (on the left) will it just work ? I think I still need the driver tho, right ? because they are really impossible to find..Updates.png.


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And the driver for the actuall nvme is called stornvme.inf.
I tried to "extract it" from my current windows 10 install and it said found in ntlite but i got a bluescreen ofc
It was introduced in 8.1 and i think there are no for 7
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Well, as I said, I didn't actually do this since I went the Samsung route, so I can't tell you that it definitely works from personal experience. But straight from Microsoft themselves, for KB2990941:

This article describes an update to add native driver support for an installation of NVM Express (NVMe) that uses the PCI Express (PCIe) bus in Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

Note After you install this hotfix, you may receive a "0x0000007E" Stop error. To fix the Stop error, install hotfix 3087873.
And the guide I linked to was pretty clear as well.
The NVMe driver resp. the MS NVMe Hotfix has to be integrated into the boot.wim and the install.wim of the desired OS Edition. Otherwise the NVMe SSD will not be detected by the OS Setup at the beginning of the OS installation.
The easiest and safest way is to let a tool like NTLite do the job (the free version will support it).
So yeah, integrating KB2990941 into both is supposed to add native NVMe driver support to Windows 7. Also, it's possible that you may get a "0x0000007E" blue screen after that, which would then require you to install KB308873 as well. You may want to just include both of them from the beginning, unless if you want to be very minimal and don't mind re-doing the whole thing if you do get a blue screen.


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Well I tried to integrate that update and ntlite just skipped it in the creation of the iso so idk...
I guess i will try it again tomorrow
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as far as i know WD and Crucial use the windows native nvme driver so i would keep it(or add it to w7).