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  1. T

    Windows 7 SP1 Cannot Integrate Update KB4537820 - Monthly Rollup

    I am using the NTLite (v1.9.0.7304) update downloader feature, and have tried both a fresh, genuine copy (en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso) and a copy of that ISO slipstreamed with updates to April of 2019 and I experience the same error. Both times it was the same update...
  2. G

    Can I Live-Update My Current Windows 7 System?

    I own a Home license, and I had planned to use NTLite to create a new, trimmed Windows 7 x64 Pro install ISO/Media with the latest updates in order to perform an in-place repair of my main Win 7 system. You see, I need to regain Sleep mode (I've tried perhaps a dozen tutorials/procedures that...
  3. D

    Got private error on access internet

    I'm trying to reducer win 7 iso size by using nitlite version, bui i got privacy error when i access to internet on website with https, how to fix it? Here is my preset. Sorry for my bad english
  4. bluegrapefruits

    bluegrapefruits' Windows 7 presets

    Hey all, I have quite the problem reinstalling operating systems, and as a result, I have iterated through quite a few Windows 7 presets using NTLite during the past year. The following preset is the most stable I know of so far. To use, of course, simply import this into NTLite on a Windows 7...
  5. E

    Post-Setup .NET order? (Win 7, NTLite)

    I want to slipstream the following KB/setup packages. One image I made spent around 20 mins at post setup...the other one over 8 hours (left work, then was done the next day) 1. What order is optimal? 2. Where does the "Placeholder row for potentially deferred updates" fit best? 3. Can you add...