Language Packs for Windows 11/10/8.1/7


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Pessoas. Não consigo mudar o idioma do Windows, li os tópicos, mas não entendi como instalar.

Meu Windows:
Windows 10 Home em um único idioma
versão 1809 (OS Build 17763.107)
Versão da imagem: 10.0.17763.107


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Is it possible to integrate Language Pack from host to ISO? Looking to integrate Croatian and Japanese in my ISO so that I don't have to install it throught Windows Update. Talking about LTSC


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Reposted with nuhi's approval.

MS has shared instructions on adding language packs and app FODs for use in Azure environments, and it applies for local images. Follow these download links for W10 (1903 to 21H1) ISO images. For W11 or other Windows releases, please check links on the top post.


You need the following things to customize your Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session images to add multiple languages:
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Make sure the final link from the referenced site is pointing to a CAB file from the Microsoft's site "".
Please report any discrepancies.
They are separated into 'x86' (32-bit) and 'x64' (64-bit) groups so make sure you download the correct one.

After downloading the required language packs, you can add it to the NTLite's Updates page to integrate them to the image.
More info here.
You must integrate language packs together with, or before the Updates, or they will be overwritten by the language pack.
Choose the newly added language pack on the Unattended page settings, "UI Language" to set the required language during Windows setup if required.
For other FOD ISO links, see this post for more info.
The web page that claims to offer 1809 language packs for download is actually giving you 1803 files. Please remove or correct your link.