LTSC Gaming/Poweruser Profile, Optimized without completely break everything.


GOOD XMLS but needs update to 1909 xmls programs like adobe premiere pro and camtasia studio problems!!
This does not depend on the version of Windows even on Windows 7 you will have the same problem if you remove Windows Media Player. Keeping WMP or these files solves the problem:



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while i am also new
u basically mount the install.wim, drag the xml into the preset section(or click profile>import), and double click the imported profile
This still confuses me. I'm unsure what install.wim is and google says it's a cmd files, so I don't know where to drag it. Please help.


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This still confuses me. I'm unsure what install.wim is, Please help.
I will do my best :)
Mount your iso with windows explorer(w10 upwards) or something like Virtual Clone Drive, or extract it with 7zip or winrar. Open that folder, go to the Sources folder and look for 2 very large files, boot.wim and install.wim, these are the files that run the Setup(installation) and the final Install, think of them like 2 very large .rar/zip/7z files.

NTLite and other programs have to open those 2 files to add updates, add drivers or do any kind of modification. Windows uses DISM to manage those .wim files. NTLite uses DISM for certain things but when you do removals it uses its own Removals Engine.

There are a couple of ways to load those .wims into NTLite, you can do it from the Toolbar, you can drag the folder you extracted the iso or you can just add a wim file. Most users use the full extracted contents folder because you can modify the whole iso contents, if you go to the tools Apply page you will see options to repeat anything you do to the install wim to the boot.wim aswell, any additional drivers, usually USB33 or NVME.

So you run NTLite, have selected the folder or wim file from the Toolbar menu or you have dragged and dropped them onto the open Start page. Double click the edition you want to work on or right click it - Load. NTLite will now load it read for customising.

On that 1st page in the right hand pane is the Presets section. You can load a preset from the menu or you can drag and drop them. You can either double click a preset to load it or use the menu, the tool will now load the data from the preset/last session file. To Apply/Start the process go to the Apply page and click Apply in the toolbar at the top.

Use the Guides section Here, Here is a 3rd party(older) guide. Anything else you need just ask. If you are ok with that lot and can get on then good luck. :)

I havnt done much this year due to "life stuff" so i am not up with recent changes with the tool or with any windows 10 stuff, i am rusty even on the basic things :confused: so what i have given you above is all i can give but nuhi and the other guys(who keep up with things) are better placed to answer and further questions you may have. :)
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that post was for nuhi, i didnt put it very well, can you remove that please, uploading ntlite modded iso's isnt fair. thanks :)