Minimal Services Configurations for Windows 10 1809 (LTSC 17763.3165)


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Windows 10 1809 [17763.3165] LTSC Minimal Services Configuration
Barebone/Maniac Services Configuration list 20220731

Automatic - Background Tasks Infrastructure Service
Automatic - COM+ Event System
Automatic - CoreMessaging
Automatic - DCOM Server Process Launcher
Automatic - Local Session Manager
Automatic - Power
Automatic - Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Automatic - RPC Endpoint Mapper
Automatic - Security Accounts Manager
Automatic - User Profile Service
Automatic - Windows Audio
Automatic - Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
Automatic - Software Protection
Automatic - User Manager

Manual - COM+ System Application
Manual - Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Manual - Secondary Log-on
Manual - Windows Management Instrumentation
Manual - Windows Modules Installer
Manual - WMI Performance Adapter
Manual - KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Manual - Local Profile Assistant Service

Disabled - ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV)
Disabled - AllJoyn Router Service
Disabled - App Readiness
Disabled - Application Identity
Disabled - Application Information
Disabled - Application Layer Gateway Service
Disabled - Application Management
Disabled - AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)
Disabled - AssignedAccessManager Service
Disabled - Auto Time Zone Updater
Disabled - AVCTP service
Disabled - Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Disabled - Base Filtering Engine
Disabled - BitLocker Drive Encryption Service - Note, must leave driver enabled, will brick system if driver disabled.
Disabled - Block Level Backup Engine Service
Disabled - Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service
Disabled - Bluetooth Support Service
Disabled - BranchCache
Disabled - Capability Access Manager Service
Disabled - CaptureService_16431
Disabled - Certificate Propagation
Disabled - Client License Service (ClipSVC)
Disabled - Clipboard User Service_16431
Disabled - CNG Key Isolation
Disabled - Connected Devices Platform Service
Disabled - Connected Devices Platform User Service_16431
Disabled - Connected User Experiences and Telemetry
Disabled - Contact Data_16431
Disabled - Credential Manager
Disabled - Cryptographic Services
Disabled - Data Sharing Service
Disabled - Data Usage
Disabled - Delivery Optimization
Disabled - Device Association Service
Disabled - Device Install Service
Disabled - Device Management Enrollment Service
Disabled - Device Management Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Push message Routing Service
Disabled - Device Setup Manager
Disabled - DevicePicker_16431
Disabled - DevicesFlow_16431
Disabled - DevQuery Background Discovery Broker
Disabled - DHCP Client
Disabled - Diagnostic Execution Service
Disabled - Diagnostic Policy Service
Disabled - Diagnostic Service Host
Disabled - Diagnostic System Host
Disabled - Display Enhancement Service
Disabled - Distributed Link Tracking Client
Disabled - DNS Client
Disabled - Downloaded Maps Manager
Disabled - Embedded Mode
Disabled - Encrypting File System (EFS)
Disabled - Enterprise App Management Service
Disabled - Extensible Authentication Protocol
Disabled - Fax
Disabled - File History Service
Disabled - Function Discovery Provider Host
Disabled - Function Discovery Resource Publication
Disabled - GameDVR and Broadcast User Service_16431
Disabled - Geolocation Service
Disabled - GraphicsPerfSvc
Disabled - Group Policy Client
Disabled - Human Interface Device Service
Disabled - HV Host Service
Disabled - Hyper-V Data Exchange Service
Disabled - Hyper-V Guest Service Interface
Disabled - Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service
Disabled - Hyper-V Heartbeat Service
Disabled - Hyper-V PowerShell Direct Service
Disabled - Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization Service
Disabled - Hyper-V Time Synchronization Service
Disabled - Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor
Disabled - IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
Disabled - Infrared monitor service
Disabled - Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Disabled - IP Helper
Disabled - IP Translation Configuration Service
Disabled - IPsec Policy Agent
Disabled - Language Experience Service
Disabled - Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper
Disabled - Microsoft (R) Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector Service
Disabled - Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
Disabled - Microsoft App-V Client
Disabled - Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
Disabled - Microsoft Passport
Disabled - Microsoft Passport Container
Disabled - Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
Disabled - Microsoft Storage Spaces SMP
Disabled - Microsoft Store Install Service
Disabled - Microsoft Windows SMS Router Service.
Disabled - Multimedia Class Scheduler Service - hidden service.
Disabled - Natural Authentication
Disabled - Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
Disabled - Netlogon
Disabled - Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup
Disabled - Network Connection Broker
Disabled - Network Connections
Disabled - Network Connectivity Assistant
Disabled - Network List Service
Disabled - Network Location Awareness
Disabled - Network Setup Service
Disabled - Network Store Interface Service
Disabled - Offline Files
Disabled - OpenSSH Authentication Agent
Disabled - Optimise drives
Disabled - Parental Controls
Disabled - Payments and NFC/SE Manager
Disabled - Peer Name Resolution Protocol
Disabled - Peer Networking Grouping
Disabled - Peer Networking Identity Manager
Disabled - Performance Counter DLL Host
Disabled - Performance Logs & Alerts
Disabled - Phone Service
Disabled - Plug and Play
Disabled - PNRP Machine Name Publication Service
Disabled - Portable Device Enumerator Service
Disabled - Print Spooler
Disabled - Printer Extensions and Notifications
Disabled - PrintWorkflow_16431
Disabled - Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support
Disabled - Program Compatibility Assistant Service
Disabled - Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
Disabled - Radio Management Service
Disabled - Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
Disabled - Remote Access Connection Manager
Disabled - Remote Desktop Configuration
Disabled - Remote Desktop Services
Disabled - Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector
Disabled - Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
Disabled - Remote Registry
Disabled - Retail Demo Service
Disabled - Routing and Remote Access
Disabled - Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
Disabled - Security Center
Disabled - Sensor Data Service
Disabled - Sensor Monitoring Service
Disabled - Sensor Service
Disabled - Server
Disabled - Shared PC Account Manager
Disabled - Shell Hardware Detection
Disabled - Smart Card
Disabled - Smart Card Device Enumeration Service
Disabled - Smart Card Removal Policy
Disabled - SNMP Trap
Disabled - Spatial Data Service
Disabled - Spot Verifier
Disabled - SSDP Discovery
Disabled - State Repository Service
Disabled - Still Image Acquisition Events
Disabled - Storage Service
Disabled - Storage Tiers Management
Disabled - Sync Host_16431
Disabled - SysMain
Disabled - System Event Notification Service
Disabled - System Events Broker
Disabled - System Guard Runtime Monitor Broker
Disabled - Task Scheduler
Disabled - TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
Disabled - Telephony
Disabled - Themes
Disabled - Time Broker
Disabled - Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
Disabled - Update Orchestrator Service
Disabled - UPnP Device Host
Disabled - User Data Access_16431
Disabled - User Data Storage_16431
Disabled - User Experience Virtualization Service
Disabled - Virtual Disk
Disabled - Volume Shadow Copy
Disabled - Volumetric Audio Compositor Service
Disabled - WalletService
Disabled - WarpJITSvc
Disabled - Web Account Manager
Disabled - WebClient
Disabled - Wi-Fi Direct Services Connection Manager Service
Disabled - Windows Backup
Disabled - Windows Biometric Service
Disabled - Windows Camera Frame Server
Disabled - Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar
Disabled - Windows Connection Manager
Disabled - Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service
Disabled - Windows Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Service
Disabled - Windows Defender Antivirus Service
Disabled - Windows Defender Firewall
Disabled - Windows Encryption Provider Host Service
Disabled - Windows Error Reporting Service
Disabled - Windows Event Collector
Disabled - Windows Event Log
Disabled - Windows Font Cache Service
Disabled - Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Disabled - Windows Insider Service
Disabled - Windows Installer
Disabled - Windows License Manager Service
Disabled - Windows Management Service
Disabled - Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Disabled - Windows Mobile Hotspot Service
Disabled - Windows Perception Service
Disabled - Windows Perception Simulation Service
Disabled - Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache
Disabled - Windows Push Notifications System Service
Disabled - Windows Push Notifications User Service_16431
Disabled - Windows PushToInstall Service
Disabled - Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)
Disabled - Windows Search
Disabled - Windows Security Service
Disabled - Windows Time
Disabled - Windows Update
Disabled - Windows Update Medic Service
Disabled - WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
Disabled - Wired AutoConfig
Disabled - WLAN AutoConfig
Disabled - Work Folders
Disabled - Workstation
Disabled - WWAN AutoConfig
Disabled - Xbox Accessory Management Service
Disabled - Xbox Live Auth Manager
Disabled - Xbox Live Game Save
Disabled - Xbox Live Networking Service

LTSC Minimal Services Configuration 20220731- Lowest resources usage observed. Revised numbers as further work is done.
Handles - 7338
Threads - 264
Processes - 23

W7 Barebone Services(left) v LTSC 1809 Maniac Services(right)
w7 v ltsc.jpg

[Other Mod] note:
A Discord user asked if there was a way to insert this Services list, since no preset was available. I loaded LTSC 1809 using "NTLite.exe /saveallstates", and composed a "diff" file which aligns with Clanger's list.

Delete the <Services></Services> block in your current preset, and insert this entire XML file.


  • LTSC1809_Services.xml
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- System Restore requires both Shadow Copy Provider & Volume Shadow Copy to make backups
- AppX installs/removals require State Repository Service (can be disabled at other times)


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not everyone uses restore, they use other solutions.
you run this service configuration last, when all your drivers and required apps and software are installed, or you can cherry pick what you want/can put into an image and not break setup.

it is also for information purposes for others, those who refuse to accept w10 as a resource hogging beast, how low it can go and for things they might be able to do with their machines, if it can be disabled can it be removed? if it cant be removed can it be disabled instead?
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not everyone uses restore, they use other solutions.
you run this service configuration last, when all your drivers and required apps and software are installed, or you can cherry pick what you want/can put into an image and not break setup.

it is also for information purposes for others, those who refuse to accept w10 as a resource hogging beast, how low it can go and for things they might be able to do with their machines, if it can be disabled can it be removed? if it cant be removed can it be disabled instead?
I use system restore on windows 10/11 I guess that puts me in the closet as one of the few that do lol.

Nice to know that System Restore requires both Shadow Copy Provider & Volume Shadow Copy to make backups as well as AppX installs/removals require State Repository Service.

Don't think I could ever get this bare but might be able to pull a few out of the list


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Great result :)

Did you get these handles and processes just by disabling services? I can't get less than 12000 handles in LTSC 2019 with removals and deactivating some things.

Windows Update Service is used to update certificates, I previously disabled it (or removed in Win7) because I didn't know that but now I leave it in manual.


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AeonX 99.9% certain its all services, i stopped after that test. Defender would have been killed or dism removed(live only). System Apps may have been crippled, cant remember for sure. It deffo will be airgapped with networking disabled, captured .3165 wim with net 3.5 enabled, net 4.8 installed, en-gb with no added language packs.
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Does using this Win7 Task Manager makes a difference in handles? I tested using Win10 native.


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Yes, ive heard w7 T-M uses less resources, but i prefer the look of it. W7 TM, Snipping Tool, Calculator and something else which currently escapes me all run on 1809. Heres is my w7(en-us only) 64bit TM pack as an example, you might need additional files to suit your language needs.
I add them to Program Files using $OEM$ - $1. Can also be used on 8.1.
Its why all my w10 TM screen grabs are the w7 TM.

Heads up, get Reduce Memory(1.6) from Sordum, cleans ram use at specified intervals :cool:
Ive set mine to 25% at 5s intervals.

Edit - ive replaced the ms files with dummy files, empty .txt files renamed accordingly.


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Read the edit, they are dummy files so no dmca notice :cool:, but its essentially what the winaero installer does, he gets his from w8.1 boot.wim. I use the files from w7 EOL. Once i twigged out how he did it and seeing as i had the w7 and 8.1 files to hand i tried it my way and it worked.


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Only been using it for a few days but so far so good. Internet Download Manager can really bog a system down even with 16gb when grabbing 1080p video files but its been ok so far :)



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Even closing tabs Firefox doesn't free up memory.
FF opens too many processes now, there was a tweak to stop that but mozilla stopped it, screw you mozilla :mad:
That said FF addons dont crash anymore.
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I can comfortably get away with 8GB ram(igpu or graphics card) on an offline system. Single stick of Ballistix 8GB being around £40(with a £60 pentium 2c\4t) which helps keep costs down and i can put the savings where it counts, moar storage :D

And with the cost of living crisis hitting us hard we need every damn penny we can get.
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Yes 8 GB is more than enough for common tasks. I only got 16 GB for games. Although I'm not playing a lot but I got this for when I want to not be limited.