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not a lot between the two to be honest at first glance.
For you who use barebones services maybe not :p but I noticed that by default LTSC 2021 (21H2) has more services running by default and more dependencies for features. For example, screen brightness control on latops and night light need more services running in the background than LTSC 2019 (1809).
unfortunately even for old hardware Win10/11 is almost mandatory.
almost. can you strike lucky with sound cards/usb audio devices which is my thing.
Realteks audio drivers/software are massive so i prefer a usb audio interface.

Here are some usb audio interfaces and usb dac's known to work(factory supported) with 7 and 8.1
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, DacMagic 200 maybe
ESI MAYA44 eX PCIe Audio Interface.
Focusrite Scarlett Solo(3rd gen)
Lexicon Alpha - i use this :)
Tascam - nearly all current range are w7/8.1 capable

Anything gaming orientated by Creative and others are practically guaranteed to be w10/11 only.
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Nothing has been confirmed; except for abbodi checking the latest W7 SSU and finding the licensing feature to add 3 more ESU years.
Each year of ESU support (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3) is a separate license key, and the renewal cost jumps every year.

If they followed the same pricing model, the next 3 years of renewal would be astronomical. This would discourage everyone except for those stuck with W7-based software for medical, industrial and military needs. All this is hypothetical, but the code change indicates SOMEONE with a large budget has signaled to MS that they're interested.

Anything is possible if a large partner/client wants to throw FU money around.
or multiple clients with smaller budgets that are equal to one big effoff client.
strange they dont extend w8.1 which will run on modern hardware.
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Fancy something mellow to listen to while you do stuff?
Disclaimer - I am not affiliated in any way.
Nvidia driver 526.47 has been causing flickering(tv turning black then coming back on), noticed this after windows store did a sneaky driver update(that bugger) Driver 511.79 still the better overall driver as a heads up
There used to be a really cool site called PeaceKeeper (by FutureMark) that ran performance tests on the browsers, which I used a lot. I have a feeling they received complaints from companies that didn't rank highly though, because the reasoning they gave for discontinuing it was due to "browsers are now more focused on features than speed", which to me is codeword for "too many companies are complaining."

I've tried to be unbiased when it comes to browsers, I just want the one that's the fastest and has no issues while visiting sites. I think the main problem in comparing browsers is that like gaming consoles (xbox vs playstation) the level of fanboi nonsense is off the charts. Firefox for whatever reason has people acting like it is the best thing since sliced bread, and so one day I went and tried every major browser out there, and put it through the paces in heavy real world usage for a few weeks. I found Firefox's engine to be really bad, the rendering process is awful, and it's just so slow overall. Chromium always outperformed it, no matter what versions I try. I even prefer Edge and Internet Explorer to Firefox. I think most people are finally coming to this conclusion too, which is why so many companies have converted to chromium in recent years.

It's like iPhones, the level of fanboi hype on that crap is insane, it boggles my mind. People will run out and buy the latest phone that now has the new feature of "no more headphone jack". It's pure marketing that sells these things, nothing more, and contributes to why everyone feels the need to justify what browser or phone they use because going against the grain gets you made fun of.
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