NTLite crashes when trying to uninstall Windows 7 servicing stack update KB2533552


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I'm looking to create an all-in-one Windows 7 ISO that contains Windows 7 editions in both architectures updated with Service Pack 1 and Internet Explorer 11. IE11 doesn't just require SP1, it also requires platform update KB2670838. I'm trying to integrate these updates into the ISO.

However, I had at first gotten Service Pack 1 mixed up with a servicing stack update, KB2533552, so I ended up integrating it and not the actual SP1 (KB976932). I've been trying to remove the update, but every time I do so NTLite crashes. Too bad the error message doesn't display any useful information other than the location of a memory dump and log information. Speaking of which, those will be attached here.

I hope you can find out what went wrong and fix it. But maybe it would be easier to just start over with images that contain no updates except an English language pack.



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Thanks for the report, will be checking it.
In the meantime please start fresh using the Win7 SP1 ISO, and use the NTLite's update list to add IE and its dependencies.
If you use the presets from previous sessions, should not be difficult to recreate the image.
It can load multiple presets at once with Load - Append on each.