NTLITE Error : [13] The data is invalid.


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It's my first time using NTLite and i'm currently having issues trying to mount an image.

I attached a log file below.

Your help will be much appreciated!


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Unload all, if any, mounted images, those with blue icons on the Source page (under the Mounted images group).
Then reboot, and delete any images from before that you can recopy fresh.
Try then loading fresh copy from the original ISO to a writeable folder like the first time, and let me know if it repeats, how to replicate the issue, try to have least steps.


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Sorry to hear that, I retried now and no issues.

Maybe try redownloading a new image from Microsoft here.
It is a bit newer than yours (which is not the key, just a sidenote), and at the same time it gives a check if maybe the image is broken.

If that didn't help, check the tips on this page by me, let me know how it goes.
Btw this is not something normal, it's too basic of a task to fail.