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I had considered writing some corny Valentines poem >to< NTLite like I had for Sandboxie once upon a time and delaying this post a bit but in the end I figured I'd spare you all THAT and stick with a slightly more normal open letter style.

It has been almost exactly a year now since I moved to my first live Windows 10 build (1709) in the early months of 2018 and here we are in the early months of 2019 where I've *just* checked my last 'known build issue' off (tested on 1803). I know I would not even be close to being this happy on any Windows build without NTLite (I'm rather picky). I can't imagine trying to figure out most of what NTLite does myself, it would be nigh impossible and I'd be cursing MS much much more.

Throughout this time and even before, when I was still using Windows 7, you have been quite responsive. I know I don't say it to you much these days, Nuhi, but thank you for bearing with me and my onslaught of drunken private messages. Thank you more for trying to resolve the root issues. Though my more recent public entreaty went unanswered thank you even more for never using language that seems to imply I am wasting your time though I know there have been quite a few times where it was actually all my own fault but I just hadn't figured that out yet. Perhaps most importantly - thank you for making NTLite and continuing to support it. I look forward to bugging you again soon as I test Win 10 1809+ and future versions of NTLite!


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You're welcome, and thank you for kind words, E :).
We must thank to the supporters as well, as they physically enable me to have this project as the main focus.
I would do this for free, as proven with nLite back in the day, but with years real life kicks in, so I'm glad it's working so far.

I consider you a valuable member, regardless of your sometimes long and broad PMs, they always make some sense.
Only those that trigger a few 'aha' (eureka, not laughter) moments in me, get the special treatment status, they can bug me as much as they want.

Haven't read that specific post yet, will reply in a few minutes. I have many forum posts on todo, basically prioritizing.
In other words, if I'm not replying, and if the post isn't too long and unfocused, which in this case it isn't, I must be deep in some issue working on the tool.