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So apparently I can't have the ADK installed on the same machine? I only installed the Deployment Tools component of the ADK just to borrow the WSIM for a sec to tweak my xml files. @nuhi, is there a way to have WSIM on the same machine and still load images? NTLite is more fun than DISM for simple stuff.


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See here for a potential fix, Microsoft is aware of ADK issues.
Try also latest 1709 ADK, maybe it's fixed.
I test with ADK installed, never had issues, maybe it depends which ADK for which OS, other than this link exception.

Let me know what you find out, thanks.


You were right, Microsoft didn't bother to check that they were including the proper wimmount.sys driver in deployment tools. The registry fix to point back to existing wimmount.sys resolved the issue.