UEFI and Fat32


I use flash drives to deploy images to new PC's. To keep the mode in UEFI, the flash drive must be formatted fat32 which of course wont hold a custom image unless it has been split. I haven't found a real way around this.

I could use a usb external spinning disk with an extra ntfs partition for image storage but I use windows setup to deploy the image which requires the wim's to be in the sources folder. not sure how to get windows setup to end up on the ntfs partition? Yes I could just script it out to partition > format > apply > write bootloader > reboot but that doesn't sound like fun.

I could use a windows to go certified flash drive to essentially accomplish what is above.

So far it looks like the only way to boot UEFI and use a custom image on the same drive is to use a split wim. not a huge deal, I just wonder if someone here had any other clever ideas to handle UEFI and fat32 limitations simultaneously.

Its apparent that Microsoft is focused on WDS / MDT / SCCM for imaging and not flash drives unless its their >4gb ESD.


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Try #1 here
Check the box Autoformat
Select NTFS
Leave the other options selected as is
Load the ISO in the option Vita/7....
Press Go an wait until popup 'Job done!' comes up.

The steps above will format the flash drive.