What do the settings for bundled software actually do?


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(I'm working on a Windows 10, 21H2)

At first glance they seem duplicates, although maybe I'm missing something, these are the ones:
- Automatic installation of sponsored apps (Consumer Experience).
- Automatically install suggested apps.
- Pre-installed apps.
- Pre-installed OEM apps.

The first three have references to Candy Crush and the like in their description and the last one has no description. Do they target the same thing? If not, could anyone explain what they do? I tried looking a reference about all settings in NTLite to know which things each one touches, but there isn't, is there?



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- Automatic installation of sponsored apps (Consumer Experience)
Block suggested apps from appearing on your Start Menu. Some apps will be automatically installed, others are click to download.

- Automatically install suggested apps
Suggested apps will be silently installed in the background, by Windows Update.

- Pre-installed apps
Pre-installed apps are from the Windows image. Bing, Cortana, Maps, Skype, Solitaire, Xbox

- Pre-installed OEM apps
OEM's (Dell, HP, Lenovo) can provide a customized image for their customers, which include their own apps.
This is very rare, most users never use the OEM version of Windows to build images.

PS - MS is buying Activision Blizzard, which means it will own Candy Crush!!