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I am new to windows 8.1 and using an iso that includes November 2014 update roll up.
I need to install .net3.5. Enabling it in Features on a running system it downloads the file, where is it downloaded to, Software Distribution, and what type of file is it, an executable, cab file or other?
I need to update the image, do i need a Servicing Stack and the latest CU only or do i need to add all the updates in the updates downloader tool.
What would be the install order on a running system, install .net 3.5 then the SS and CU as per usual?

I am using this post as a temporary location for 8.1 related uploads. Before running any file check them through as they may disable things you need to use, i run them as they are but users can cherry pick bits that suit them.

Download from Here
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Check the iso\sources\sxs\ to see the .NET 3.5 payload, it's the same structure as C:\Windows\WinSxS

you can use that sxs folder to enable the feature
note: sxs folder is language depentant, must match OS language and architecture

you need all updates, Monthly Rollup is not fully cumulative, it only have components since September 2016

SSU alway first, alone
Monthly Rollup don't contain any .NET components, so it can be before or after .net 3.5 feature
but you must enable/install .net 3.5 before installing .net 3.5 updates
So, the only SSU that I can find for Win8.1 in nuhi's list is KB3173424. Does that sound correct?

(Am about to do the first stage to make a Base image.)
KB3173424 - Servicing Stack Update is on my list. LOok through the update list carefully, i think there are some duplicates. There are several monthly rollups so i think you will only need the latest one. You may get an error when apply works down the list, somewhere in the last 3rd of the updates, i get an error saying the image is corrupted. I didnt report as i have been playing around a lot and my ntlite log is miles long. Can you report it if you get it please.
I used the "filter" function (it's still not as obvious to find as I would like) and searched for "service." Only found KB317342. So I'll start by integrating that to make a base. After that, I'll let NTLite sort things out.
So, I downloaded Win8.1_SingleLan_English_x64.iso from Microsoft. When I loaded it in NTLite (, it didn't show any editions. Only one.

What's up with that?

screen shot of Win8.jpg
Ive got a few 8.1 iso's so ill load em all and compare sizes and upload a screen grab for comparison porpoises.
I'm not condoning wikipedia, but someone wrote there: "Windows 8 (also sometimes referred to as Windows 8 (Core) to distinguish from the OS itself) is the basic edition of Windows for the IA-32 and x64 architectures. This edition contains features aimed at the home market segment and provides all of the basic new Windows 8 features."

So it appears that the "Core" in NTLite is essentially the Home Edition. (Not Pro or Enterprise, which is fine with me.)

Time to integrate the SSU.
The Wiki page says that there's no official "Home Premium" version of Win8.1. Just a "Core" (home). I never use GPE anyway. (Confuses me with all the hierarchy of stuff.) I'm not sure that's it's in Win7 H.P., even tho NTLite acts like it is.
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Ive found some great settings in GPE and im looking at a tool to export and import them, theres some good CEIP settings in there.
Think i will end up with a well shrunk and tweaked N version.
Oops. I got the error that Clanger mentioned above. I was simply integrating a bunch (109?) of updates (downloaded from NTLite) into Win8.1.

I had previously integrated a Service Stack Update. No removals or clean up. Just updates now.

I can't tell if NTLite is still processing or not. It didn't crash or close. And the last time I force closed it, I caused a big problem by locking out a dll.

So now what do I do?

Win8.1 error msg.jpg
Yep, thats what i got, somehwere near the bottom. Just close it or go back to the Source page and unload. Upload the log file for Nuhi.
Rats. I just did an Erase of the Temp Directory. Apparently that's where the logs are kept.

Will have to do it again.
I will do a build, note which KB it fails on and upload my log. I wonder if it will fail if i use 8.1 as the host
I didnt have any warnings either. I am going to grab my updates, rip em apart to find their build dates so i can rename them,
See, this is why I was reluctant to try Win8.1. There are fewer eyes looking at it. So more bugs still lurking around.

(I suppose, as a workaround, I could skip integrating the upates at this point and let WSUS Offline integrate them later. But I'll wait to see what you & nuhi find.)
I'll do the leg work and Nuhi will find the problem. I have a feeling the integration order is wrong, thats why i date my updates, easy to see what goes 1st. If i can pin point which kb is causing then mebbe i can skip that one.