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I am new to windows 8.1 and using an iso that includes November 2014 update roll up.
I need to install .net3.5. Enabling it in Features on a running system it downloads the file, where is it downloaded to, Software Distribution, and what type of file is it, an executable, cab file or other?
I need to update the image, do i need a Servicing Stack and the latest CU only or do i need to add all the updates in the updates downloader tool.
What would be the install order on a running system, install .net 3.5 then the SS and CU as per usual?

I am using this post as a temporary location for 8.1 related uploads. Before running any file check them through as they may disable things you need to use, i run them as they are but users can cherry pick bits that suit them.

Download from Here
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Rebooting several times in Audit can be expected
15 reboots so far, prolly 17 by the EOL day. All updates checked for the regular Pro, same as for EI Pro. Just got rename and edit the comand files.
Install on the laptop, update n sysprep then do a 2nd install to capture from, wont have to build up the amd system.