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    NTLite / 1809 (LTSC 2019) component removal issues

    Using NTLite on "en_windows_10_enterprise_ltsc_2019_x64_dvd_be3c8ffb.iso" Removing NarratorQuickStart doesn't seem to be working properly, as sfc /scannow restores the system app to C:\Windows\SystemApps when run after a fresh install. This is true if it is the only component...
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    Discarding changes, unloading image

    hey! so I'm having some issues with NTLite, after removing the components the 'Saving changes to the image' bar goes from 100% back to 0% and it says "Unloading image, discarding changes" I really need to make a slimmer version of Win10 1511 x64 for my friend whose computer isn't really the best.