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    Windows 10 can't show the EULA

    I've been trying to make a slimmed down version of Windows 10 using NTLite. I'm testing it out in a virtual machine. I got an ISO with a working installation process, but only once. Every other time, after getting past the product key and edition selection screens, the installer threw an error...
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    W10 1803 "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

    I am installing this image in VMWare Workstation 15. Started with Windows 10 1803 Untouched ISO, then added updates, then applied 2 presets sequentially. NTLite Home license, v1.7.5.6842 I have made extensive removals to this preset, and slipstreamed all updates prior. So, I'm not overly...
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    possible to keep all versions of windows 10 with updates intergrated and drivers?

    ok so my question is, im usint ntlite and i have mounted the folder with windows 10 image x64. as i mounted the image it shows me all versions of windows. when i select just one windowsit goes with that version of windows only when i create a iso. I would like to keep all versions of windows and...