W10 1803 "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

I am installing this image in VMWare Workstation 15.

Started with Windows 10 1803 Untouched ISO, then added updates, then applied 2 presets sequentially. NTLite Home license, v1.7.5.6842

I have made extensive removals to this preset, and slipstreamed all updates prior. So, I'm not overly surprised by this error, but I am looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot what could be causing it. Effectively, I'm trying to mirror the configuration I had from a functional Windows 7 image as closely as possible while accommodating differences between Win7 and Win10.

Presets were applied sequentially, 1, 2, then 3.



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Make sure to check in Compatibility VMWare, if you didn't.

I always make removes "in steps", I mean, remove some components and test if all goes ok, make a backup and work on more removals, test again and if all still goes ok, make another backup and remove some more.