1. bseklecki

    Anyone testing Win10 vesion2004 / build19041 / 20H1?

    All: Redmond released Win10 "may 2020" aka "20H1" aka version 2004 on Monday. Has anyone run it though NTLite yet? I successfully performed a build? How about with a FOD addition: NetFX3 and NTLite was asking for the CABs in updates\10.0.1909.x64.FOD\ , so perhaps I thought a new build of...
  2. T

    W10 1803 "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

    I am installing this image in VMWare Workstation 15. Started with Windows 10 1803 Untouched ISO, then added updates, then applied 2 presets sequentially. NTLite Home license, v1.7.5.6842 I have made extensive removals to this preset, and slipstreamed all updates prior. So, I'm not overly...
  3. IanC

    UAC : This app has been blocked (NTLite.exe beta - v1.8.0.6760)

    Installed the March 2019 Windows updates & Windows Defender definitions. Now, I get a User Account Control (UAC) prompt that ntlite.exe is blocked for my protection. (Sample image taken off the internet) This happens on both a Domain joined & workgroup machine This happens with AVG & Windows...
  4. D

    Action Center(Notification) Not Working

    Hello Nuhi, I am using v1.8.0.6650 beta For the past 2 release, I have been having this same issue, somehow the action center is not working after a reboot. On the initial bootup after the fresh setup, the action center will work fine. But after a reboot, it will not work anymore. Every...
  5. B

    When making a Win10 AIO - Suggestions

    Hello @nuhi, I'm a fan of your tool. Never the less some suggestions are in order. 1. Please add possibility to see x64 and x86 or 32bit and 64bit at the end of each version of Windows 10 in NTLITE (May also apply to 7/ 8 / 8.1) after one has Loaded a Folder or a ISO into NTLITE. 2. Maybe...
  6. Kasual

    New CU that fixes some kb4038788 Cumulative Update bugs

    Source: Neowin