Install Windows 7 & 8.1 on Intel 8th, 9th, and 10th generation - Closed

garlin Hmm. Lumox says he got them working on that particular motherboard so im gonna leave everything as it is, someone else may have more luck.
First off a recap to refresh myself and for new users.

CLDIP20210829. Driver pack to install windows 7 64bit onto Intel 8/9th generation H310C(R2.0) and B365 chipsets. Hosted on mediafire and not NTLite to avoid any potential takedown issues :cool:. Link on my profile page to limit it to members only so if want the pack then you gotta sign up :p.

Inside the pack there are 2 folders, BOOTWIM AND INSTALLWIM, each folder contains the required drivers for each wim.

BOOTWIM - "microsoft windows setup"
This contains the required genuine intel usb3 drivers, v5.0.4.43, add these to NTLite's Driver page.
For users convinience i have also added the MS NVMe driver and hotfix(you must use both) Windows6.1-KB2990941-v3-x64.msu and Windows6.1-KB3087873-v2-x64.msu, add these to NTLite's Update page.

This contains all the required chipset drivers(latest versions at time of build). This also contains MS latest usb mouse driver, intel ahci driver and 3 intel usb3 drivers(modded and signed by canonkong) v5.0.5.55, add all these to NTLite's Driver page.

If you use the 3 intel usb3 drivers v5.0.5.55 modded and signed by canonkong you must add DRIVER-CERTIFICATE-RIOLIN.reg to NTLite's Registry page, this is the driver certificate/trusted publisher in Registry form.

MS NVMe driver and hotfix Windows6.1-KB2990941-v3-x64.msu and Windows6.1-KB3087873-v2-x64.msu are not included in INSTALLWIM because kb3125574 contains later a version of this driver, see Notes below.

Post Setup Drivers.
I always use Snappy Driver Installer, SDI Lite v1.21.11 (R2111). As there may be newer drivers than the ones in my pack you should add the following drivers to Install.wim only
then let Snappy add the rest as required.

Notes for MS NVMe driver
Windows6.1-KB2990941-v3-x64.msu is stornvme.sys v6.1.7601.18615
KB3125574 is stornvme.sys v6.1.7601.23403
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I thought W7 stopped at TPM 1.2, platform security is typically used to push enterprises to migrate forward.
a-soundtec I am downloading from your link now, 3 downloads so far, start your browser in safe mode, a plugin might be interfering. Snappy Driver Installer might have a newer version in.

If you use the biostar driver you must import the registry file first, that is the reg entry to make the driver signed.
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Many thanks, with Your info I was able to download the Biostar driver.
Before me question, I tried 2 browser, FIREFOX says the site was not found, but not, why.
Same problem with CHROME, there was a DNS error, but no option so solve this.
Only OPERA told me to change the DNS settings from system to DNS-over-HTTPS.
I post the pictures for other users which has the same problem to access the Biostar homepage.
It seems it differs where You live, I am from Germany.


  • Access problem biostar homepage with Firefox.jpg
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  • Access problem biostar homepage with Chrome.jpg
    Access problem biostar homepage with Chrome.jpg
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  • Access problem biostar homepage fix Opera.jpg
    Access problem biostar homepage fix Opera.jpg
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I will upload/mirror the biostar driver to mediafire. On occasion i have to use a browser vpn to get around geo-blocking.
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Clangers Windows 7 64bit Intel H310C(R2.0) and B365 chipset Driver Pack -
Download link is on my Profile Posts page for members only.

Drivers not included, Intel UHD 610/630, Realtek Lan and Audio.
Hi, would you please give me the link of this driver package cos I don't see it?
Hello, I installed Windows 7 on my b560m-a prime, but I don't have the network driver.
Does anyone have this driver?