Organize Component Removals in XML Preset by Category

When comparing XML presets it can get complicated when doing these comparisons, as the component removal appears to be listed in alphabetic order. I think it would be beneficial for the XML for removing components to be organized by category. This would allow the components to be sorted either as before, by actual component name, or by category and then component name. I think this could also be beneficial when a user is troubleshooting a configuration that is breaking an install.

<c category="Driver">driver_athw8x.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_mrvlpcie8897.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_mwlu97w8x64.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_net8185.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_net8187bv64.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_net8187se64.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_net8192se64.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_net8192su64.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_net819xp.inf</c>
<c category="Driver">driver_netathrx.inf</c>
<c category="Network">enterpriseclientsync 'Work Folders Client'</c>
<c category="Network">exchangeactivesync 'Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)'</c>
<c category="Network">ias 'Internet Authentication Service (IAS)'</c>
<c category="Network">lpasvc 'Local Profile Assistant Service'</c>
<c category="Network">messagingsvc 'Messaging Service'</c>
<c category="Windows Apps">Microsoft.Wallet 'Wallet Service'</c>
<c category="Network">payments 'Payments and NFC/SE Manager'</c>


NTLite developer
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Thanks, but I'm not sure I agree.

When comparing two preset XML files, I use diff tools, like WinDiff (free) and BeyondCompare.
Having those components sorted alphabetically is what enables easy comparison, simply see what lines are in one and not in another - having another layer of sorting (per category) would not add anything to it as far as I can see - component display names (which can change depending on the language) are also listed in the preset for easy comparing.

Feel free to point me to the point.