1. M

    NTLite Seems to Ignore My Preset

    I am so confused and frustrated. I spent hours trying to figure out what to remove or adjust, tediously combing through components, apps, services, etc, not to mention reading every single mouse-over description there was. I then hit Apply. After which, I went back to the top and saved it as a...
  2. Hellbovine

    Guide: Choosing a Preset

    This guide lists the most popular custom operating systems on the forum. People new to customizing Windows are usually confused about where to start, and it can be difficult to help them, since there are many aspects to consider, with the main issue being that each user's needs are different...
  3. R

    Is there a basic Windows 11 Pro gaming preset?

    This is much more complicated than I'd initially thought. Before I purchased the software, I did a Google search to see if there were presets with the software and it said there was. I'm on Windows 11 Pro and I only game. Is there a gaming iso preset somewhere? I only understand the function of...
  4. Clanger

    Clangers Windows 7 Professional 64bit [End Of Extended Support capture].

    W7-EOL-SAFE-LITE-20220617. Being updated for End Of Extended Support.
  5. N

    Questions about Debloating Windows with NTLite

    Hi all! I have a question related to the function "Use only latest CLR (.NET version)" (Setting --> Application Compatibility --> enable Use only latest CLR (.NET version)). If I enable it, can I remove ".NET Framework 2.0., 3.0 and 3.5" and ".NET Framework 4.7"? (System --> .NET Framework core)...
  6. T

    GamerOS Windows 10 & 11 DIY Preset

    So after about a year with NTlite and a lot of experimentation and testing I've create this for all game enthusiasts, it is basic windows meant for gaming, I myself mainly play and tested this with cs go, I hope that I've maintained other features needed for gaming and such programs that one...
  7. J

    Customize Windows 10 drive indexing options

    Hi all, Can NTLite app be used to customize the drive indexing options before installing Windows 10 in the installer or wim file as applicable?. When you install Windows 10 on a partition which is assigned as C drive letter, can the default indexing option be set as off right thru the...
  8. H

    Having trouble with my custom ISO (LTSC 1809)

    Hello. I've been trying out NTLite to customise my Windows image (Windows Enterprise 1809) for over a week since I heard about it. With every iterative custom ISO I made, I always tested it on VirtualBox and the last couple of tests apparently didn't allow me to start programs as the...
  9. T

    Organize Component Removals in XML Preset by Category

    When comparing XML presets it can get complicated when doing these comparisons, as the component removal appears to be listed in alphabetic order. I think it would be beneficial for the XML for removing components to be organized by category. This would allow the components to be sorted either...
  10. bluegrapefruits

    bluegrapefruits' Windows 7 presets

    Hey all, I have quite the problem reinstalling operating systems, and as a result, I have iterated through quite a few Windows 7 presets using NTLite during the past year. The following preset is the most stable I know of so far. To use, of course, simply import this into NTLite on a Windows 7...
  11. B

    Windows 10 AIO for Everyday? Advice? Preset?

    Does anyone have a tutorial/preset for a everyday Win10 1709 updated AIO iso (A-Z x86 and x64) image? Meaning most of the tech and spy mumbo jumbo stripped out? Everyday means: Not Removed / Tweaked: Windows Activation Components and Services 4G LTE support / 4G Data plan support Smart Card...