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I confirmed it's broken, using the merged presets (next time, provide the full W11 edited one).

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When I force the GPO to allow changes, it does nothing. By adding a missing key, I could turn on "Show recently add apps".
This suggests NTLite may be trimming some keys which are required. Need to compare against an unmodded W11 image.
Thank you for your time, i wonder is there anything that i could do to solve this without reinstalling...


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Well, this image looks stable -- but I don't know what else is broken. No hurry on re-installing, but you should plan on it.
I would keep everything except the desktop tweaks in your first retry. This will make troubleshooting go faster.


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Hello, i have created a new image from original final image of Windows 11. i applied some settings from previous **** and most of them works ok, but some does not.

Windows display language : Eng (UK)
preferred lang : Croatian (handwriting, basic typing) #keyboard only
Country region : Croatia
Regional format : Croatian

What i want is display language in all apps and settings in eng and only keyboard in Croatian. I can not achieve that, some windows settings are displayed on Croatian, most of the apps... I understand that some apps read Regional settings or keyboard , but why Windows settings (not all, some of them) and windows Store.

attached is the explanation of Windows UI what language is for what. It's a Windows question, check your Settings and see what would need to be chosen differently in Unattended next time, and now simply switch in the menu without reinstall.
Note that under Administrative settings there are more (confusing) options.

2nd problem i related to polices and start menu. I have disabled all recommended apps, last installed app and all of that in NTLite, and basicly ,When installed, start menu shows recommended apps. In settings , all are disabled but it says "Some of these settings are managed by your organisation" which means that there is reg key somewhere. I want to know where it is ,cos i think that those settings event they look like "OFF" and greyed out, i think that they are still on.
Start menu Recommended cannot be disabled at the moment, you can disable many other things to achieve an empty Recommended section.
It's a Windows 11 limitation.

The blocked out Settings options just mean it is set by a policy and is already turned off.
Meaning what you need is the extra options set, not going back.
In case you want to change the locked options, go to NTLite load C:\Windows, Settings, and type the desired option to find in the first filter row.

Search online how to disable Recommended section, this is one of the good results:


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Solved, thx nuhi . Only 2nd one needs to be disabled, but i did both anyway.



With languages i need to play a little bit more, but thx to the both!