windows 11

  1. S

    Windows Explorer keeps saying "Working on it..." then doesn't respond

  2. N

    Skip Keyboard layout after installation (Win 11) & reg issue?

    Hi, I have one question and an issue I'm getting with one of my reg files. To start off, Is there an option within ntlite that would essentially remove this screen post-install? Now, the reg issue.. I essentially added this reg file (see attached) that was supposed to set the visual...
  3. S

    WhatsApp broken - Windows 11 Home N

    Hello All I have recently been testing the NTLite with W11. All goes well until I try to install WhatsApp app from Microsoft Store. I at first thought that my problem was I was removing an important component. So I dialed back some items and reinstalled Windows again, but same problem. I...
  4. L

    Why did my PC restart? message. How to bypass this?

    Has anyone receive this message while installing Windows 11? The PC is connected to the internet. After either restarting the computer or clicking next, the setup does continue. Is there a way to get rid of this message in the configuration? Much Thanks
  5. M

    Does NTLite support Windows ISOs from Dev Channel?

    I'm tried to make Windows 11 Ultra Lite like Tiny 11 for example build 25272 but I couldn't. I have choosed to remove over 3.5 GB of OS components but after applying changes I found the new ISO is still 4 GB and after testing and install the size of Windows is still 12.9 GB. I'm saying that...
  6. N

    Installation cancelled

    I have been trying to install a debloated windows 11 for quite a while now and every time it fails. I have been following this guide online; down to every click of the mouse: My original iso sourced from Microsoft is called...
  7. G

    Can't install Cumulative updates on Win11 22H2 (Error 0x800f081f)

    Hi all, I am unable to install cumulative updates on Windows 11 22H2 using an ISO that I built with NTLite. It is not extremely debloated, I only removed some Windows apps that I never use and some components, but I did remove Edge in case that's causing a problem. Every time I try to install...
  8. N

    Which Windows 11 Edition

    Hello, I've tried searching the forum but I can't find any thread that answers this question: which windows 11 version should I use ? Home/Pro/Edu/enterprise? I'll be using the PC for gaming but also some development work.
  9. R

    Is there a basic Windows 11 Pro gaming preset?

    This is much more complicated than I'd initially thought. Before I purchased the software, I did a Google search to see if there were presets with the software and it said there was. I'm on Windows 11 Pro and I only game. Is there a gaming iso preset somewhere? I only understand the function of...
  10. T

    How do I go about creating a custom Windows 11 OOBE setup?

    hello, im trying to create a custom oobe setup experince for my custom windows 11 instlation. i want to bypass the microsoft account acitvation to. what programs or scripts will run at start up before the oobe setups and run a completely different installer?
  11. M

    Bluetooth Device Installation Error 37 + Windows Hello Fingerprint

    Hi, i cant get the bth device working....i checked for previous reports on removals that might be the cause but im not removing them. The same for the fingerprint, i also checked that pinsign might be needed in the process so i not removing it too, in my previous attemps i removed that and i got...
  12. M

    Steps for making Up-to-Date Windows 10/11 ISO file

    I wanted to integrate --> (A) Cumulative updates (B) Cumulative updates for .NET Framework Updates (A) & (B) to image file of Windows OS. (C) Security Intelligence update and (D) Anti- malware platform update Finally (C) & (D) to MS Defender Antivirus!! Anyone knows step by step procedure...
  13. SM03

    Blank placeholder in W11 START after removing unwanted apps via NTL

    Hi nuhi After removing the unwanted preinstalled apps from W11 ISO & installing that modded ISO, these blank placeholders are there in the W11 START Is there any way to remove that? Also, how to remove that get started app? Every time after installing W11, I've to manually unpin all those...
  14. SM03

    Issue with Win11 Search Results

    I am not getting instant search results for my files & folders even after turning on indexing to enhanced mode RuN this command in CMD admin & got this Code: sc config "wsearch" start=delayed-auto && sc start "search" Also, when I click on this, the windows settings app is closing /crashes...
  15. J

    Windows 11 22000.65 Cumulative Update will not install

    Im using Ntlite for tweaking and modify the iso image. There is something in those tweaks or something that I removed from the image that is breaking the update process , it will download the 22000.65 update but after the restart will give me an error and rolls back to 22000.51 version ...