windows 11

  1. M

    Testing Windows 11 24H2

    I've been using (and enjoying) NTLite for the past year and half now and I decided to test NTLite on Windows 11 24H2 in both offline and live mode and I found a couple of interesting things: 1) The new package MicrosoftWindows.Client.AIX seems to be the new Recall app. I uninstalled the...
  2. PerhapsAverage

    Is there any way to copy files from Post-Setup to PC?

    Self explanatory title There's a file I want to look at in a custom OS my friend sent me, in the "After-logon" part of post-setup.
  3. R

    Host Updates on Non-Host machine

    Hi all, bit of a novice question: I've been using NTLite to deploy Windows 11 on a few machines for work as a test and it's gone well, but I realized after the fact that I removed Internet Explorer... which is apparently (ridiculously) needed to install any sort of Adobe software. On my host...
  4. L

    Sharing printer from Windows 11 (23H2) to previous Windows OS

    I recon question like this is not primarily for forum like this, but IQ of reditors is... questionable to be kind. There seems to be an issue in sharing printers from Windows 11 (23H2) to previous versions of Windows. If I try to access the properly shared printer on Windows 11 from Windows 7...
  5. T

    No Drives Detected, Win11 23H2 Driver Integration

    A year ago I created a Windows 11 22H2 ISO using NTLite to integrate drivers into the image so I could boot off the ISO (using ventoy) to install Windows without having to side-load storage drivers every time. Unfortunately I didn't leave many notes for myself so I don't remember exactly what I...
  6. A

    Can I add a game to the Post-Setup?

    I've been making a school project for a custom win 11, but don't know how to add a game to the Post-setup. I have counter strike 1.6 on an iso and i want to include it.And please tell me if i can add games like Rocket league.
  7. Z

    How to disable automatic updating of UWP apps, and installation of Widgets?

    I'm customizing a debloated system image of Windows 11 23H2 and I have a license. I removed widget ( client.webexperience ) and Microsoft Store in component removal, and disabled updates like this picture. But when I connect to internet in VMware, the widget will be automatically reinstalled...
  8. pieterdezwart

    How do I block the installation of Outlook (new) and Dev Home in 23H2?

    I think the title is clear enough. Things I already tried: Disabling Content Delivery Manager Removing the packages via PowerShell in setupcomplete.cmd (probably doesn't work because the packages aren't included in the image, they're being downloaded and installed automatically after...
  9. D

    W11 22H2 Taskbar - Classic not working

    Hello, NTLite version 2023.10.9447 Windows 11 Professional 22H2 x64 - 10.0.22621.1702 1st time trying to create a Windows 11 Pro image with NTLite. Set it up just as I needed and to my surprise, the setting Taskbar - Classic is not working. As in: start menu is not opening at all. As a bonus...
  10. SD-ITLab

    Pin to Taskbar Question on Windows 11 23H2

    Hello Dear Community, The time has come, Windows 11 23H2 is here and of course the first annoying changes are coming... I have a custom script to install some programs quickly without the need for user interaction. Example: Start-Process -Wait -FilePath .\Setups\chrome*.exe...
  11. dempi

    Start Menu doesn't even show up (Tiny11)

    Hello, I'm trying to make a custom Debloated / Clean Operating System and I was trying to debloat, and set custom wallpapers and etc. and then i tried to compile the ISO and its clean but there's one problem. That is the Action Center, Search icon, Clock, and even the quick settings isn't...
  12. G

    Clipboard History does nothing

    The clipboard doesn't get activated when 'Clipboard History' is on enabled (Windows 11 22H2 ISO)
  13. N

    Skip Keyboard layout after installation (Win 11) & reg issue?

    Hi, I have one question and an issue I'm getting with one of my reg files. To start off, Is there an option within ntlite that would essentially remove this screen post-install? Now, the reg issue.. I essentially added this reg file (see attached) that was supposed to set the visual...
  14. S

    WhatsApp broken - Windows 11 Home N

    Hello All I have recently been testing the NTLite with W11. All goes well until I try to install WhatsApp app from Microsoft Store. I at first thought that my problem was I was removing an important component. So I dialed back some items and reinstalled Windows again, but same problem. I...
  15. L

    Why did my PC restart? message. How to bypass this?

    Has anyone receive this message while installing Windows 11? The PC is connected to the internet. After either restarting the computer or clicking next, the setup does continue. Is there a way to get rid of this message in the configuration? Much Thanks
  16. M

    Does NTLite support Windows ISOs from Dev Channel?

    I'm tried to make Windows 11 Ultra Lite like Tiny 11 for example build 25272 but I couldn't. I have choosed to remove over 3.5 GB of OS components but after applying changes I found the new ISO is still 4 GB and after testing and install the size of Windows is still 12.9 GB. I'm saying that...
  17. N

    Installation cancelled

    I have been trying to install a debloated windows 11 for quite a while now and every time it fails. I have been following this guide online; down to every click of the mouse: My original iso sourced from Microsoft is called...
  18. G

    Can't install Cumulative updates on Win11 22H2 (Error 0x800f081f)

    Hi all, I am unable to install cumulative updates on Windows 11 22H2 using an ISO that I built with NTLite. It is not extremely debloated, I only removed some Windows apps that I never use and some components, but I did remove Edge in case that's causing a problem. Every time I try to install...
  19. N

    Which Windows 11 Edition

    Hello, I've tried searching the forum but I can't find any thread that answers this question: which windows 11 version should I use ? Home/Pro/Edu/enterprise? I'll be using the PC for gaming but also some development work.