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Contact page, for any Licensing/Activation issues, please be polite :)
NTLite documentation, Guides, How To's and relevant Topics.
Run NTLite from the Command Line
NTLite Download Updates Feature - How To

NTLite download page
ISO download - Windows 10/8.1/7 --- ISO SHA1 Hash Archive --- File hash and checksum tool --- GUI front end for the Microsoft MediaCreationTool ---
Language pack downloads - Windows 10/8.1/7
Drivers and Driver Integration. Direct link to English guide.
NVIDIA Non DCH Drivers --
Remove NVIDIA Telemetry(and slim down display driver)
Windows update history
list of $OEM$ folders
Use 3rd party themes

WINDOWS 10 LITE (BASED ON 1909 ARM64). ideal starting point for all low power netbooks notebooks and tablets.
Windows 7, What and why not to remove
Windows 7 Gaming/Poweruser/Runtime Profile
Windows LTSC 1809 Gaming/Poweruser Profile
W7 W8.1 and W10 Presets
User Contributed Tweaks
Windows 8.1
Install Windows 7 and 8.1 onto Intel 8th, 9th and 10th(?) generation
TUTORIAL: Create perfect Windows Post-Setup using OOBE.cmd
TOOL: Windows Setup AIO Builder for 7-10 with install.wim / install.esd
TOOL: Autorun.dll patcher - Unlock powerfull Windows Setup

Absolutely essential tools i cant live without.
7+ Taskbar Tweaker
Process Explorer
Reg Converter
Registrar Registry Manager
Windows ServiceManager
Universal Watermark Disabler
Sordum Nirsoft Sysinternals and Winaero all have many tools availible and are worth having a good look around
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Enable built-in administrator account in windows 7. Open an elevated command prompt then copy and paste the command in bold below
net user administrator /active:yes then press Enter.

This doesn't work with 8 or 10? :rolleyes:


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That works with the Win 10 english language only (for sure), don't know about Win 8, i'll find out this month.

Yep, w7 en-us and w10 en-gb. Please report your findings. :) Usually i just use group policy editor.


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I know ntlite offers me tweaks but i like to add those tweaks with registry files myself so they can be used on customised and standard iso's.


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@ Clanger

RE: your recommendation of a "Windows Services Manager" you might want to look at this full-featured replacement for M$'s script kiddie-built MMC "snapins". It's not perfect (i'd like to lose the annoying tooltip) but you can drag & drop the column headers and the other, non-services tabs are just gravy.

And since we're on the subject of useful geeky apps these 2 are must-have for me and not well known:

Primo is a currently maintained fork of the install monitor / reg monitor: RegShot. There's no website but here's a forum post that talks about it's features - including the improvements just finished (see end of post). And you can D/L the most recent ver here.

AnVir Task Mgr Is one of the 1st things I get running after a fresh install. Startup Monitor, Apps, Services, DLL's, History added to Win Open / Save dialogs, etc, etc, etc. You can see the feature list & D/L is here. There's a Pro ver but the freeware ver does everything I need.
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Yep, w7 en-us and w10 en-gb. Please report your findings. :) Usually i just use group policy editor.
As i have said before, that string works with Win 7 in any language but Win 10.

After thinking for some time, i can't tell because it is kind of "licensed/traded" to nuhi/NTLite (exclusive use), sorry. :p
But i can tell that at least 4 removable components are required to do so.

Do you have a list of registry tweaks that i can compare with what i have?
I can share any reg tweak that you don't have already, maybe like, grouping svchost.exe in one, clean start menu on 'first logon'/'new user', i have a mess around here.

I'm not sure but i think i have a Win 10 tweak that extends the autoupdate from 30 days to the days you want Windows to autoupdate, haven't tested yet, 'cause lack of time. :rolleyes:


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grouping svchost.exe? Wos that do? W7 and W10 1607? Busy myself at the moment, i have gone over to the dark side for internet work so im trying a few different distros, plus i only got pc no2 up and running this week, had 1 mains cable to few :oops::eek::D and now i gotta do some storage tidying up.

I have tons of reggy files from various places but dont use that many to be honest. I need to load up ntlite and xp and see what speed up tweaks are in there and see if i can find w7 and 10 equivalents online. Now i can shrink w7 and 10 to my needs i am looking at speed up tweaks, power profiles/core parking and services. A new user posted a w7 preset and while there is nothing interesting liting wise, there were some reg tweaks that caught my eye, think they came from a simplix pack. I usually harvest reggies using regfromapp, i need to check the latest version of xxxxx :cool:

Lemmy know if there is anything specific you want, i'll dig.

Im not doing any more preset work until LTSC 2018 comes out. Now im using linux for internet work, w10 privacy isnt a problem anymore but only if itrelates to os speed. I dont want to have 4 os's so if i can ditch xp and w7 it'll make life easier. ;)
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Clanger you can add ImDisk too to your Interesting Programs and other stuff thread, usefull if you use virtualbox and you want quick access to the vhd and read/make changes without running the vm. I have used ImDisk to troubleshoot a couple of ui "issues".
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Thanks Clanger ! as i do some busywork i'll put here some of my staples, but probably not 'discoveries' for folks here. ..sorry these prob won't help your transition away from pc:

Rapid Environment Editor - (freeware) [aka RapidEE - free, portable or installer - Windows environment variables management]
Everything - (freeware) an incredible 'file search alternative' by voidtools. (you hadn't included the program's name;))
Diskovery - (freeware) yet another free storage device info GUI, but i like the way he organizes things.
Windows Firewall Control - (freeware) manage and extends the functionality of Windows Firewall.Get the skivvy here.
FastCopy - (freeware) fast, reliable, context menu Copy/Backup Software on Windows.
Firemin - (freeware) memory leak stabilizer for mozilla programs. (they also have a system leak one: Memory Booster., which no longer developed & for my pc seems unstable)
Amazing Slow Downer - An easy way to slow down the music without changing the pitch. Windows Mac v($50) - Android and iPhone/iPad ($15)
RMPrepUSB *- (freeware) make bootable drives. RMPrepUSB\RMPartUSB: maximum partition size is 2TB (does not support GPT partitions)
Discalot *- (freeware) disc ccompiler Frontend to MS-oscdimg.exe - (Microsoft CD/DVD Premastering Utility) is part of Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) or WAIK
Nvidia Inspector Tool - (freeware) by Orbmu2k
Drive Controller Info - (freeware) also by Orbmu2k, shows drives by which controller each drive is connected to.
atmzzrSystemCheck - (freeware) list and download versions of important components and runtimes installed on your system. (version check .NET, vcruntimes, flash, etc)
True Launch Bar - ($20) between this and Everything and FastCopy, ii don't know which is more useful...
MultiHasher - (freeware) settled on this after trying many. Light, stable. Context menu. Select multiple files or DragDrop. side x side compare all files' hash for all hash types.
FreeCommander XE - (freeware) file explorer. It's really really good. Integrates perfectly with FastCopy, shell, Everything, ...
Hosts File Editor+ - (freeware) very active dev and aside from vast options and clear GUI for hosts, has other great tools, tweaks, infos.

NVSlimmer - (freeware) by uKER. Remove and customize programs and settings bundled with NVIDIA driver package, then repackage your drivers or apply and install.
Anvil's Storage Utilities Download Version 1.1 2014 (final) - (freeware) Got to include Fernando's favorite bench tool, his site being the best 'app' for drivers.
SendTo Menu Editor - (freeware) ..only to place PowerRun, above, into your SendTo menu and you'll get why Dick Laurent is dead (Lost Highway)

* - these two are actually new to me. Anybody use them?
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shame it's taken this turn. i was inept, more than inconsiderate. i know i've been probably too 'loud', even before this, as a new member here. So, after this I'm bowing out. I think you know i've expressed respect and gratitude for you in this forum. i certainly wasn't pretending to be the long-standing, hard-working contributor that you are. And I doubt I could ever be as generous either, just based on reading in the forum, obviously. Thanks again and sorry, again


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can it be done and are any 3rd party tools needed? i have google fu'ed and not found an answer.
i want to keep this short and sweet as possible :)

Do you still have floppies? o_O

For non bootable, use "Format" option on right click

A virtual floppy disk would work and you can get it searching somewhere, years ago i did it once.