Troubleshoot: Safe Mode


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Windows won't load and you ran out of options? Try this:

1) Plug in a usb drive that has a Windows install image on it
2) Configure your bios to allow or force booting to usb before other devices
3) Boot into the USB. Once it loads the Windows Setup screen press shift+F10
4) In the cmd prompt type: diskpart (then hit enter)
5) Now type: list (then hit enter)
6) Figure out what the new drive letter is for your usual C: drive
7) Now type: exit (then hit enter)
8) Type: cd F:\Windows\System32\ (then hit enter)
Note: drive letter F may differ for you, that's what diskpart was for
9) Type: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal (then hit enter)
10) Press the reboot button on the computer tower
11) Fix the problem while in safe mode, then boot normally

To switch back into normal boot mode go to Start > Windows Administrative Tools > System Configuration > click the "Boot" tab, then uncheck "Safe boot", click "Apply" then "Okay" and "Restart". If you try to change it from the "General" tab by clicking "Normal startup" it will not work.
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