1. Hellbovine

    Guide: Quality Control

    This post contains information about how to efficiently pursue Windows and NTLite tweaking, resulting in a much higher quality image, free of bugs and quirks, saving you a ton of time and headache in the long run. TESTING IN LAYERS PROCESSING ORDER EXTERNAL COMPLEXITIES USER ACCOUNTS...
  2. Hellbovine

    Gaming Lounge

    Welcome to the Gaming Lounge. Here you will find a collection of guides, notes, and tools for tweaking the Windows operating system, as well as gaming advice. This page contains useful information for all types of users, but it is geared more towards gamers, or more specifically people looking...
  3. Hellbovine

    NTLite Forum Attachments

    A suggestion regarding attachments on posts. The thumbnail attachments are kind of excessively large I feel, compared to the sizing of everything else in a thread. Perhaps they can be toned down a little? As I'm browsing the forum it seems like most attachments are types of files that have no...
  4. Hellbovine

    Guide: Optimized Image

    This is a guide that walks users through the entire process of creating an optimized Windows 10 install using NTLite, designed for everyday users, power-users, and gamers alike. Windows 10 version 21H2 (November 2021 Update) is recommended, since it is the latest, supported version, and there...
  5. Hellbovine

    Guide: NTLite For Beginners

    The following is a beginner's guide on using NTLite. It is designed to take inexperienced computer users through the entire process, step-by-step, so there is nothing for them to interpret. If you follow these directions you will end up with a simple base image that you can use to install a...
  6. Hellbovine

    NTLite Forum Links

    How do I get the forum to stop automatically changing my URLs into MEDIA when I link a Reddit post? I don't want a giant Reddit thread inserted into my posts... I tried manually enclosing links in just basic URL brackets, and also I tried putting them inside parenthesis too which normally stops...
  7. Hellbovine

    Guide: Pause Windows Updates

    This guide explains how to pause Windows Update for any amount of time, and was designed for Windows 10 (21H2), but may work on other versions too. ; Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options > Pause updates > Up to 4 years...
  8. B

    WPI integration with NTLite into Windows 7 WIM

    Hello NTL forum members, I am a complete Noob when it comes to using NTLite products in Windows 7 ,and would like to know how i may integrate Windows Post Installer (WPI app) into windows 7 wim (if this is even possible with NTLite enterprise edition??)to install various browser,other 3rd party...
  9. Hellbovine

    NTLite Registry Change Notification

    Is there a way to see what registry key NTLite is modifying when we change various settings from within NTLite directly? If not, I do wish there was a way to do this. For example, let's say you remove Windows Defender using NTLite, it would be helpful to have a text pop-up or put the...
  10. Hellbovine

    NTLite Image Failure

    I will update the original post in this thread if it becomes popular, so that it serves as a guide that we can direct people to. But for now I just have a quick question... Is there a list of known issues that prevent Windows Setup from installing Windows? I just started importing services...
  11. Hellbovine

    Windows CRLF vs Linux LF

    A shower thought I had today... This is a general non-NTLite question, but also has an NTLite element too: For all you coders out there, when I was working with LPC I had to learn to convert all my code files into Linux LF in my Notepad++ rather than using the default Windows CRLF, or else in...
  12. Hellbovine

    Guide: Start Menu and Taskbar

    The following is a guide on how to remove the default links, shortcuts, pins, tiles, etcetera, from the start menu and taskbar in Windows 10 (21H2). I tried all of the other solutions everywhere and none of them were working as expected, there was always something left behind. I started...
  13. JamessJ

    NTite versions

    I find myself in a very big doubt talking to other creators of optimized operating systems, they mention that the latest versions of ntlite cause serious compatibility and performance problems, is this true or is it a simple myth? I personally use version v2.1.1.7917
  14. Hellbovine

    NTLite Activation

    I know that this question has already been asked in the past, and I did read through a number of those posts and replies from various threads, but I think that I have an extra spin on it that might help to clarify some of the confusion that seemed to be in a fair amount of those other threads...
  15. Hellbovine

    Xbox and Xbox Live Apps

    There seems to be a type of Windows bug perhaps, that is affecting software like NTLite, CCleaner, etcetera, preventing them from detecting and being able to uninstall 2 very specific Xbox apps. Here is how to replicate the issue: [1] Install a fresh, official, Windows 10 21H2 ISO [2] At the...
  16. H

    Having trouble with NTLite'd LTSC install

    For a week now, I've been testing around with NTLite, creating iterations of a slimmed down Windows 10 LTSC 2019 (1809) with the preset from...
  17. M

    Multiple Partitions

    Hello together, i have a problem. I want to make a Partition (C) with 100GB and than there should be a Partition (D) which gets the rest of the storage is that possible? I have already tried a lot of configurations but allways I get just one Partiion (C). Thank you very much...
  18. A

    How to change desktop wallpaper on a customized Windows 10 ISO????

    I am creating a custom Windows 10 iso by NTLite. I wanted to ask that how to change the wallpaper of desktop on customized Windows iso.
  19. H

    Keyboard not working in custom ISO

    Hi. I'm working on a minimal custom Windows 10 ISO based on LTSC 2019, combining this guide with this tutorial on Youtube. I test my custom ISOs on virtual machines with VirtualBox and so far, I found that the keyboard doesn't work on the OS. Can anyone tell me why that is? What feature or...
  20. H

    Keyboard isn't working on my custom Windows

    I'm working on a custom build of Windows 10 LTSC 2019, which combines this as well as the changes suggested by this NTLite tutorial on Youtube. (Actually links to Invidious, an open-source front-end to YT). I've been testing my ISOs on virtual machines (using VirtualBox) and I notice that the...