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    Discarding changes, unloading image

    hey! so I'm having some issues with NTLite, after removing the components the 'Saving changes to the image' bar goes from 100% back to 0% and it says "Unloading image, discarding changes" I really need to make a slimmer version of Win10 1511 x64 for my friend whose computer isn't really the best.
  2. C

    Certain tiles in Windows Settings App force the Settings app to close

    NTLited Windows 10 Home Edition, everything was working fine for many months without issue. As of recent, certain tiles in the "Windows Settings" force close the app immediately upon clicking those tiles. The tiles that cause an immediate crash of the app, are: - Personalization - Accounts -...
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    iso created in nlite taking up a lot of space

    Hello everyone A few months ago, I created an iso in the nlite of the LTSB version of windows with the latest updates available and the most current drivers for my hardware. The problem is that I noticed that it was taking up too much space without installing the programs I use. I did a test...