1. O

    Laptop's HDD completely missing in Windows 10

    I have a Laptop with an internal SSD and HDD, and the later is completely missing, by trial and error I have concluded that a customized GamerOS Preset might be the cause so I'm posting here to see if anyone know any solution. Before you tell me to try one of various easy and common solutions...
  2. R

    My ISO stops loading in mid-Setup after using DISM Compatible Updates Deletion! (MSMG)

    On NTLite, I updated my ISO and used the DISM Compatible method to delete old updates. Then, I made exported three different parts of the install.wim file. Then, for each part, on MSMG Toolkit, I placed a registry key for each part. I re-wiped, reinstalled the ISO, and on the "Just a...
  3. A

    Automatic Windows activation

    I am working on a project for school and i have to customize a windows 11 iso file and make a bootable USB.We are left to do whatever we want to the file and the more creative, the better.I have some apps on mind but i want to know if there is some way to activate Windows during installation...
  4. R

    My ISO is Big!

    The Windows image that I built became a very big ISO! I think it's time to take things out of it before it becomes unbearable! What should I strip from it? Where do I begin?
  5. Hellbovine

    Guide: DPC Latency

    Note: This thread was deleted and re-posted with the help of a moderator, to clear the derailment that was taking place. Keep all replies related to the contents of this guide, and do not post about the Nvidia driver bug in this thread. Disagreeing with parts of the guide or someone's reply is...
  6. Hellbovine

    Suggestion: Update Redundancy

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: Inexperienced users are downloading all available Windows Updates through NTLite, rather than curating a proper list. MORE INFORMATION
  7. Hellbovine

    Suggestion: Update Cache

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: NTLite could benefit from minor improvements to the Windows Update cache section in the settings page. MORE INFORMATION
  8. Hellbovine

    Guide: Custom ISO Downloads

    On the internet there are about a dozen Windows operating systems that have been customized and released as an ISO download. These packages are allegedly optimized for gaming, privacy, or install size. We are often asked about these creations on this forum, and the following information is a...
  9. D

    Problem with manual language change in Windows Single Language

    Greetings, dear friends. Probably someone can help me with this specific problem. I have a laptop with preinstalled single language win11 (build 22000.469) which is 21h2 family one. My goal is to change it's language without reinstalling windows as i need to preserve preinstalled apps. I found...
  10. C

    How to set default wallpaper after installing custom Windows ISO

    How to default wallpaper that will be set after installing custom windows iso(like revios)
  11. Hellbovine

    Bug: Template Settings Error

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: Installing either the "Lite" or "Not recommended" template always results in an error message coming from the bottom right corner of the taskbar, as soon as task scheduler starts to run for the first time. I do not recall if the error happened on...
  12. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Driver Cleanup

    This is a praise post, but also designed to bring attention to a feature I recently discovered in NTLite, which isn't mentioned often on the forum. In the driver section is a button labeled "Exclude unused" which solved a problem that was otherwise going to take a long time for me to figure out...
  13. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Reserved Storage

    I read a number of articles recently on "Reserved Storage" which was introduced in Windows 10 a few years ago. I was still left with some questions though, and so I want to ask everyone that has been disabling it, have you noticed any issues besides the obvious problem you would run into if you...
  14. Hellbovine

    Bug: Logon Animations

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: Using the NTLite templates to create an image and do a clean install of Windows, right before you reach the desktop after Windows Setup finishes, it tends to hang for a few minutes at a black screen, but will eventually progress. This is...
  15. Hellbovine

    Discussion: NTLite Methodology

    Does NTLite change its registry tweaks or component removals based on the detected operating system? EXAMPLE In this circumstance, which of the following does NTLite do, assuming I'm on W10: 1) Applies only the 2nd registry key for just W10 and W11 systems as a user would expect. 2) Applies...
  16. M

    Does NTLite support Windows ISOs from Dev Channel?

    I'm tried to make Windows 11 Ultra Lite like Tiny 11 for example build 25272 but I couldn't. I have choosed to remove over 3.5 GB of OS components but after applying changes I found the new ISO is still 4 GB and after testing and install the size of Windows is still 12.9 GB. I'm saying that...
  17. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Edge Chromium Updates

    I wanted to ask the community about some of the ways to prevent Edge Chromium from automatically updating while idle at the desktop, as well as automatically updating when the browser is launched. There is going to be dozens of ways to achieve this, but the hard part is finding one that meets...
  18. Hellbovine

    Bug: Unexpected File Explorer

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: File Explorer will randomly appear while using NTLite, but it should not do this. MORE INFORMATION
  19. Hellbovine

    Discussion: 22H2 Task Scheduler Bug

    Update: September 1st, 2023 (Unresolved) This post explains about a bug that affects the Task Scheduler in Windows 10 and 11, version 22H2. I discovered that a bug prevents the scheduler from properly finishing its tasks, which means it continues to run forever and consumes extra resources...
  20. Hellbovine

    Guide: Safe Mode

    This guide explains how to use an advanced troubleshooting technique to get into safe mode when everything else fails. Step 01: Plug in a USB drive that has a Windows install image on it Step 02: Configure the BIOS to allow booting to USB Step 03: Boot into the USB, and when Windows Setup...