Windows Security bug in 1809 + NTLite


Hey nuhi

The new Windows Security center in Windows 1809 is broken with NTLite and the below preset. I applied the preset to Windows 10 1809 EN/US x64 Professional Education as downloaded from the MS website.

When I open Windows Security from the Settings app, I am presented with a blank metro app with the "Security at a glance" text at the top.

Windows Security.png

If I click the three bars on the left to bring up what should be a submenu, I instead get a pure-black bar covering the left side, with no clickable elements

Windows Security  2.png

If I try to manually run malware, the malware is prevented from executing, so it seems something is still working.
However, I also noticed that running malware or inserting a USB drive with malware on it does not trigger any popup notifications or alert messages as it would in a properly functioning system. I only got the below message after trying to copy malware from an infected USB to the desktop.

Windows Security 3.png

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Seems to be caused by the 'Microsoft Passport' removal.
Will fix and notify you over PM, here when released.