1. Hellbovine

    Xbox and Xbox Live Apps

    There seems to be a type of Windows bug perhaps, that is affecting software like NTLite, CCleaner, etcetera, preventing them from detecting and being able to uninstall 2 very specific Xbox apps. Here is how to replicate the issue: [1] Install a fresh, official, Windows 10 21H2 ISO [2] At the...
  2. H

    SetupComplete.cmd is restarting PC after completion

    Need : i dont want a restart pc after setupcomplete.cmd completed. Problem : In autounattend.xml Will reboot is already set to Never. But there is restart happens. Test : Im using latest version ntlite Latest windows 10 21h1 iso ms official. Created autounattend without changing any...
  3. NoTRite

    Windows Security bug in 1809 + NTLite

    Hey nuhi The new Windows Security center in Windows 1809 is broken with NTLite and the below preset. I applied the preset to Windows 10 1809 EN/US x64 Professional Education as downloaded from the MS website. When I open Windows Security from the Settings app, I am presented with a...
  4. NoTRite

    Unable to edit start menu bug in

    Hey nuhi, I tried using to install to a new computer, and I noticed the start menu will not save any changes I make to it... First, when I open the Settings App and make changes to the start menu, such as unchecking "show app list", there is no effect on the start menu. Second...
  5. NoTRite

    Unable to change default programs bug in &

    Hey nuhi, I tried the release you made today ( and still ran into the same issue with being unable to change the default applications as I mentioned here. I know you said you had problems replicating the error, but I was able to replicate it myself on separate hardware. These were...
  6. NoTRite

    Sticky Notes and PDF Reader don't work

    Hey nuhi Neither Sticky notes nor PDF Reader work in my installation, even though they are both enabled in the preset .XML file. In the resulting installation, .PDF files have no associated program. Meanwhile, Sticky Notes appears to be present, but clicking it in the start menu doesn't do...
  7. NoTRite

    Telemetry settings not available

    Hey nuhi After I've installed Windows 10 with telemetry set to "Security" in NTLite, I'm not able to confirm or edit the telemetry level in the resulting installation. I used a Windows 10 Education ISO and set the telemetry level to Security in NTLite. After installing, I opened gpedit.msc to...
  8. NoTRite

    .Net 3.5 not available

    Hey nuhi .Net 3.5 doesn't work, even when it's enabled in NTLite. Below are screenshots. I'm also including the presets .XML file. Thanks!
  9. NoTRite

    SensorDataService bug in NTLite

    Hello, I hope Nuhi is available... I found an issue when making a custom image for laptops. Even when the "MobilePC" component is fully enabled in NTLite, the resulting image cannot run SensorDataService. If I try to manually start the Sensor Data Service from services.msc, I get the...