windows 10 1809

  1. Z

    Image Damaged By Offline Servicing Failure?

    Hi. I'm dealing with a certain problem while trying to process my custom 1809 windows iso, (currently on 2004) and when I go to process the image I get this pop-up. Any ideas why this error could be triggered?
  2. I

    Custom Like This?

    #ask hi does someone know how to costum os like this? my freinds using this os and i want to make with diferent style. when the install is complete the windows display like this (see image). is there a post setup script to run and implement this when the install is complete? 1. Apply Custom...
  3. H

    Having trouble with my custom ISO

    Hello. I've been trying out NTLite to customise my Windows image (Windows Enterprise 1809) for over a week since I heard about it. With every iterative custom ISO I made, I always tested it on VirtualBox and the last couple of tests apparently didn't allow me to start programs as the...
  4. Xiphan

    Windows 10 Setup - My Language is Dialog

    I've created a Windows 10 ISO with the en-GB language pack and I was just wondering if there is a way to avoid this dialog during Windows 10 setup and have it automatically default to a specific language as well as Time and currency format?
  5. D

    Tweaks Not Functioning + some addons[if possible]

    Hi Nuhi, These are based for Windows 10 1809 --> NOT WORKING --> <Tweak name="System\AllowClipboardHistory">1</Tweak> [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Clipboard] "EnableClipboardHistory"=dword:00000001 Hope to have these options tweaks below in NTLITE although we can easily do it with...
  6. SM03

    Latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708 showing & not installing even after integrating it to latest Win10 via latest NTlite beta version

    Recently I've made a customised Win10 bootable ISO via the latest NTLite v1.8.0.6593 beta. Install & Boot.wim source was from the ISO that made from latest 17763.107 refreshed ESD. Integrating all the drivers & latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708, 2018-11 SSU KB4465664 & 2018-11 SU for Adobe KB4467694...
  7. SM03

    KB4464455 CU integration for v1809

    Is there any way we can integrate the newly released kb4464455 insider cumulative patch for Windows v1809 Insider build into the ISO via NTLite. Asking this as this KB4464455 CU is only released for Windows Insider build for 1809 which is being internally tested for re-releasing in near future...
  8. SM03

    Question/Suggestion about some OOBE & other settings

    Hello all, I've some questions regarding some of the OOBE & Desktop view settings setup while customising an ISO via NTLite which I can't find into the latest NTLite v1.7.0.6522, I searched every setting over there throughout & made a fully customised ISO but still cannot able to find these, so...
  9. NoTRite

    Windows Security bug in 1809 + NTLite

    Hey nuhi The new Windows Security center in Windows 1809 is broken with NTLite and the below preset. I applied the preset to Windows 10 1809 EN/US x64 Professional Education as downloaded from the MS website. When I open Windows Security from the Settings app, I am presented with a...