1. Hellbovine

    Guide: Custom ISO Downloads

    On the internet there are about a dozen Windows operating systems that have been customized and released as an ISO download. These packages are allegedly optimized for gaming, privacy, or install size. We are often asked about these creations on this forum, and the following information is a...
  2. C

    How to set default wallpaper after installing custom Windows ISO

    How to default wallpaper that will be set after installing custom windows iso(like revios)
  3. K

    Can I edit system files in NTLite?

    Hello, i have a question, Can you edit system files through NTLite? I want to put my custom winlogon.exe.mui file into the ISO Sorry for my bad english, im from Poland
  4. C

    Windows 11 Bloatware

    Hello everyone, I've been using NTLite for a while now and I've wanted to create an clean windows 11 22h2 ISO. Now I am unable to find out, how I can remove all the bloatware (Tiktok, Instagram, etc.). I tried googling and search the forums, yet I am unable to find anything. Any feedback...
  5. Hellbovine

    Discussion: 22H2 Task Scheduler Bug

    Update: September 1st, 2023 (Unresolved) This post explains about a bug that affects the Task Scheduler in Windows 10 and 11, version 22H2. I discovered that a bug prevents the scheduler from properly finishing its tasks, which means it continues to run forever and consumes extra resources...
  6. Hellbovine

    Bug: Image Size

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: Creating an image using only a few edits makes the disk space grow substantially, when it should be shrinking. MORE INFORMATION
  7. Hellbovine

    Guide: Quality Control

    This guide contains information about how to efficiently pursue Windows and NTLite tweaking, resulting in a much higher quality image, free of bugs and quirks, saving you a ton of time and headache in the long run. These tips apply to all Windows operating systems. TESTING IN LAYERS...
  8. Hellbovine

    Guide: NTLite for Beginners

    The following is a beginner's guide on using NTLite. It is designed to take inexperienced users through the entire process, step-by-step, so there is nothing for them to interpret. If you follow these directions you will end up with a simple base image that you can use to install a clean version...
  9. K

    Patched themes integration

    I mentioned it before on the forum, but I working on an all in one iso for my family. So I had an idea to integrate some custom themes into the iso (like 10-15 custom themes) so they can choose how Windows look like. I try to decrease the running exe and service stuff in the background so a...
  10. D

    Updating Realtek driver in W10 ISO without breaking SecureBoot

    We need to keep Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS. If I edit the image and install the latest driver for the 8153 Realtek (ISO image has driver from 2015!) then burn using Rufus, the installation fails because of Secureboot. Is there a way around this?
  11. N

    Why can't you make an ISO from a deployed image?

    Does anyone have a better way to get around this? thank you.
  12. A

    Boot Error

    Hello, I did an ISO with NTLite and when I go boot, under the DMI Pool Data appears "Boot Error" XML File:
  13. X

    NTLite ISO creation issue with volume id label

    I am using Windows ISO files created using NTLite to install Virtual Machines, I do this using Virt-Manager. Virt-Manager is able to detect the OS automatically based on Volume ID, on linux: osinfo-detect /path/windows.iso I noticed Virt-Manager never detects the iso created by NTLite as being...
  14. T

    [Suggestion] Support Streamlined ISO Extraction

    nuhi Hi, I've noticed a lack of functionality regarding the process necessary to go from an ISO file to loading a WIM. My current process: Navigate to folder containing the desired ISO Right click -> (WinRAR) Extract Files... Select destination folder (the one NTLite will use to find the WIM)...
  15. A

    ISO created in NTLite taking up a lot of space

    Hello everyone A few months ago, I created an iso in the nlite of the LTSB version of windows with the latest updates available and the most current drivers for my hardware. The problem is that I noticed that it was taking up too much space without installing the programs I use. I did a test...
  16. yNEX

    How to copy/move files from the ISO to the Public Desktop (batch)

    Hey, I actually signed up just to ask this question I'm trying to solve for around 2 days (18 hours each day perhaps :D). I want to copy some files/folders from the Win10-ISO to the Desktop (basically the installation drive) with a batch script. So here's my last solution for this which seems to...