1. L

    Why did my PC restart? message. How to bypass this?

    Has anyone receive this message while installing Windows 11? The PC is connected to the internet. After either restarting the computer or clicking next, the setup does continue. Is there a way to get rid of this message in the configuration? Much Thanks
  2. kreemerz

    Unattended: how do I configure "logo" option? (screenshot included)

    not sure how to modify this area. There are no tutorials that show what to do here...
  3. M

    Automated unsecure domain join

    Hi for the first time i wanted to try this feature because i need to install a lot of laptop for a costumer in my office. Ofc i can't join the domain with the standard feature, i wanted to know if i can use this "unsecure join" for join computers even outside my costumer network and what...
  4. W

    Make unattended file creation a standalone tool like the Updates downloader

    Hello. I consider myself to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to customizing windows images and customizing windows install media, and am quite capable of doing the majority of what I need on my own using the windows adk. However, one of the features that I consistently use NTLite for...
  5. EctoBoggan

    Only create local Admin and nothing else?

    Greetings, Sorry, it's a low-brain question but : I'm trying to create a specific setup but I can't stop Windows asking me to create a user account. What I want : Create the default Administrator account with a specific Password (no auto-logon). Add the PC to my domain using an domain accout...
  6. George King

    [TOOL] POWIS - Powerful Windows Setup v1.0.3

    POWIS Powerful Windows Setup This tool was developed to bring new user experience into Windows setup, supporting all Windows versions from Vista and newer. What features are added by POWIS? 1. Windows Recovery Environment boot menu option 2. Multi-Unattended selector 3...
  7. I

    Installing Office 2016 Pro Plus on Windows 10 via Post-Setup

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. Not sure if this has been posted about yet, but I wanted to get it out there. I had been searching tirelessly trying to figure out how to install Microsoft Office 2016 ProPlus via post-setup on a Windows 10 Pro image and I finally figured it out...
  8. G

    Unattend.xml - I would like to skip everything except Product Key & Partition settings

    Hello Dear Users, I need some help because im struggling since a week with the autoattend.xml file what created by NTLite. I would like to setup a Windows10 Professional, and in many cases we have own Product Key and would like to fill out. I cannot really do that anyhow. I was able to achieve...
  9. R

    WMI Issues / am I using NTLite properly?

    Hi there, I've recently started using NTLite to try and create some customized images for deployment at the company I work for but I'm wondering if I'm actually using the program for it's intended purpose. The images install great with the features I selected, but it seems to be pulling system...