GamerOS Windows 10 & 11 DIY Preset

My native language is not English.
Therefore, some things I may not explain very well, I apologize.

The environment where I did the BenchMark at the moment were:
Windows 10 ORIGINAL: 350-400 FPS.
Windows 10 (GamerOS) I did not try it, things that I considered useful did not work for me, such as the taskbar and the sidebar.

The Nobara project was the one that gave me the most FPS... but it is Linux.
Windows 11 GamerOS shot me 600 FPS..

Everything was tested under the same conditions. Same Benchmark, no programs running in the background. What was seen from my task manager was when I had Chrome open, but not at the time of the cs BenchMark.
I install my own start menu, that includes search function, I didn't even think about this, I install openshell on postsetup, and later I install a browser
also I add split processes tweak with reg file, so that's the reason for low processes, I didn't want to customize the install for people I just wanted to provide the base for them to customize the way they want, as that's what always annoyed me with other peoples iso's
Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but what I'm gathering from the recent replies (I haven't tried this preset yet myself, I do plan to eventually though) is that the screenshot on the original post on the first page is based on all of your post-setup stuff. That screenshot is showing 50% less task manager resources overall than what people are actually seeing from the preset itself, by the looks of it.

I truly believe this is an honest mistake and no foul intended, but it sets up unrealistic expectations for people that want to try this preset, and is misinformation as-is. Could you perhaps either update that screenshot of the task manager, and/or add your post-install stuff to the original post please?

Also, if you have a chance at some point, a screenshot of LatencyMon on a clean install without drivers for this preset would be really helpful for a lot of people to see too. You can just screenshot the first page, you don't have to include all the other tabs. Let it run for about 10 mins preferably.

A last bit of suggestion I noticed while perusing the pages on this thread, is it sounds like there are some crucial components that a few people like Garlin pointed out that really shouldn't be removed for just about any preset. If those components haven't already been reported to Nuhi, it would be a very good idea to do so, that way he can fix up the built-in NTLite presets too.

Keep up the good work :)
Txmmy and I had a few conversations when this thread was relatively short. The goal wasn't a polished, "be everything" preset but a starting point for other people to adapt. Hence the DIY label -- which most readers overlook. He's aware of many factors, since he made all the same learning mistakes everyone's done. It's nearly impossible to have a "perfect" OS.

If you have the luxury of having a dedicated, pure gaming PC then you can sacrifice many services and features for top performance. Having another PC around to do normal apps means you don't miss anything. But most people don't have two PC's.

You make compromises because you need this or that app running. Those requirements will be different for everyone.

The way he developed the preset was dividing it into three phases. A removals preset, a services preset, and a tweaks preset. When he's done, the presets are merged together and tested. Txmmy is sharing this out of his personal research, he's not testing it against every Game X and Game Y.

Can you use the presets out of the box? Yes

Should you do work to adjust the preset? Yes

Should you share your own experiences to help others? Yes
Sure, that's all good and well, I have no qualms with any of that. I'm sorry if this is getting misinterpreted as an attack, which is what it sounds like is happening. I'm just asking that the misinformation be fixed, which is the screenshot (or add the post-install tweaks to the post so that we too can use them). This preset simply does not get you to that screenshot, so it's misleading.

Considering that this thread is pinned, and people refer others to it frequently, I don't think this is unreasonable to ask.
It's nearly impossible to have a "perfect" OS.
There has never been, nor will be, a one size fits all to this.
You look at someone elses work(link as an example), you test/cherry pick/adapt to your own needs.

Txmmy is sharing this out of his personal research, he's not testing it against every Game X and Game Y.
Its impossible for 1 man to know every variable, thats why we share knowledge.
Anyone having issues with popup LogonUI.exe on GamerOS Windows 11 22H2?
It happens when signout or login in with a password.

VirtualBox_Windows 11_21_10_2022_09_05_35.png

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GamerOS is just a template, you can restore unchecked features.

For Microsoft Store, you need:
Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI <-- for Xbox game purchases
Anyone have any idea's what else I can do, anything needing to be fixed? Im currently trying out leaving update ability (sacrificing the iso being 1 gb) and leaving app capabilities behind, also Im trying out making the image not lack any features so basically after installing you see a windows installation just like the original, with all the features and other items when scrolling thru menus and stuff intact like the network device all options are still there, I want to leave windows 10 behind and move onto 11, if there is no further issues this most likely will be the last windows 10 preset that I do (to have another kb language and such look under iso section and recheck your default language, to enable support for changing later recheck language pack install support) other then that you shouldn't edit the presets

Mod note: This preset disables Bluetooth, Microsoft Store, and MS Accounts. If you want those features, follow these instructions.

Edit the preset in a text editor, find and delete the lines:
        <c>hwsupport_bluetooth 'Bluetooth'</c>
        <c>Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp 'Store Experience Host'</c>
        <c>Microsoft.WindowsStore 'Windows Store'</c>
        <c>passport 'Microsoft Passport'</c>

Paid apps on Microsoft Store require EFS (Encrypting File System) to store content.
       <c>efsfeature 'Encrypting File System (EFS) - Feature'</c>

Adobe installer and some 3rd-party apps may require Edge (Legacy) to start web requests. You do not need Edge (Chromium), EdgeWebView or EdgeUpdater -- only Edge (Legacy).
                <c>Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge 'Microsoft Edge (Legacy)'</c>

Txmmy's 2023-01-14 updated notes:


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Very much appreciated, I wonder which one will be liked the most, the org or this new more feature's build
To be honest i prefer to share stuff i built for myself, warn users to test and adapt to their own needs rather than trying to build a one size fits all preset for a given OS because its impossible, everyone has different requirements. Ive seen a few things of mine lately being adapted/used for reference, thats good :)
I would restore UI.Xaml.

Two comments about the PS script:
1. Removing Appx packages isn't necessary, unless you're releasing it for non-NTLite users because you've already removed the same packages in the preset.
2. Running sfc is bad idea. Anyone who replaces system files (say wallpaper), or certain reg tweaks will be lost since sfc restores them to the factory defaults.
I have issues troubleshooting with my preset when running DirectX Web Runtime installation with error 0x80040154, the offline DirectX Runtime works fine; another issue is with bluetooth menu not showing when clicking add device.
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