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Yeah as feature explorer tabs are enabled, some copy paste tweaks were made,

no news about fixing icon problem I think it also may be connected to a bug where taskbar sometimes confuses icons when u click on something something else opens etc...


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Updated from 22621.105 to 22621.232 by installing the latest KB5015818 via Windows Update, reboot
& TAB for FE is enabled by default here, not enrolled in any ring FYI


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It's Taco Tuesday, which means we get to celebrate!!
Continues Errors even if retry or cancel . seen this first time since i use NTLite.
i dont use any av even nor windows defender. idk why this error appeared with this update.
is there any way i can go back to previous version of NTLite ie

or nuhi is there any way for latest updated version to get working on my system.


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tabs are not enabled default on my side :) i don't even know where the preferences are
this feature (Tab for FE) is currently buggy, dark theme/mode is enabled by system-wide, still after this update & TAB for FE enabled, sometimes, file explorer is opening in white theme

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Wayback Machine, it's how I rollback to older builds.
do you mean to restore backup image so that old NTLITe Installed version be restored.
My answer : no i never create backup images.

Edit : Thanks a Lot for this tip
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No, I meant the web crawler. Unfortunately, it only goes back to 8792.
You're smart, there's plenty of "file [animal]" sites that archive every version of every popular app. We can't mention them by name.