Updated original post to streamline and simplify things, and incorporated forum feedback by changing the attachments into PDF with unneeded columns removed and things sorted much nicer in a table. I originally used txt since it's universal, but since PDF is native in the operating system starting with Windows 8 and above, I think this is okay to use now, since it preserves formatting and this way you don't have to mess with tabs or monospacing of a txt file to view it properly.

There's also some replies in this thread from Garlin and Clanger that people may find useful to keep around in a shortcut or .bat file as a tool, discussing command prompt methods for exporting this kind of information to a txt file.
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LTSC 1809 can be brought down to 12xxx handles fairly easily. LTSC 2021 is comparable to 1809,

W7 Barebone Services(left) v LTSC 1809(17763.3165) Barebone Services(right)

if you use a later w10 or w11 build then the differences between my w7 and ltsc will be comparable to latest w10/w11 v ltsc 1809.