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    How the H$#% do you install Windows Hello??

    For heavens sakes can someone please tell me how to add windows hello for fingerprint scanner to a windows 10 build. This is seriously pissing me off there is absolutely nothing anywhere on the entire internet in the entire world that has one single mention abut doing this. I don't even...
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    Setupcomelete.cmd is restarting pc after completion.

    Need : i dont want a restart pc after setupcomplete.cmd completed. Problem : In autounattend.xml Will reboot is already set to Never. But there is restart happens. Test : Im using latest version ntlite Latest windows 10 21h1 iso ms official. Created autounattend without changing any...
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    Multiple Partitions

    Hello together, i have a problem. I want to make a Partition (C) with 100GB and than there should be a Partition (D) which gets the rest of the storage is that possible? I have already tried a lot of configurations but allways I get just one Partiion (C). Thank you very much...
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    NTlite Windows Settings Button Not Working

    Hello guys so i was doing my NTlite custom os until i couldnt click on the settings button or get into settings and idk what causes it to not work any ideas ?
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    HELP! '[50] The request is not supported.' Registry wont upload

    HELP! '[50] The request is not supported.' Registry won't upload to NTlite so what do I do? I've tried modifying the registry still doesn't work.
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    Error When Removing Post-Setup Items

    I removed two programs that I had set in the Post-Setup section however, this errors out every time I build a new ISO. I attempted to Google the issue but I could not find any similar situations. Below is what I've found in the log file. 1/20/2021 1:47:24 PM Applying - Post-Setup tasks...
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    Keyboard not working in custom ISO

    Hi. I'm working on a minimal custom Windows 10 ISO based on LTSC 2019, combining this guide with this tutorial on Youtube. I test my custom ISOs on virtual machines with VirtualBox and so far, I found that the keyboard doesn't work on the OS. Can anyone tell me why that is? What feature or...
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    Keyboard isn't working on my custom Windows.

    I'm working on a custom build of Windows 10 LTSC 2019, which combines this as well as the changes suggested by this NTLite tutorial on Youtube. (Actually links to Invidious, an open-source front-end to YT). I've been testing my ISOs on virtual machines (using VirtualBox) and I notice that the...
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    Having trouble with my custom ISO

    Hello. I've been trying out NTLite to customise my Windows image (Windows Enterprise 1809) for over a week since I heard about it. With every iterative custom ISO I made, I always tested it on VirtualBox and the last couple of tests apparently didn't allow me to start programs as the...